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Lefisc 05-24-2011 03:41 PM

JVC 60
I got the JVC 60 (which is very similar to their 9X)* and was surprised at the picture improvement AND connectivity with my other components. First, the picture is brighter, sharper and far more colorful. It is also much quieter than the last JVC projector.

However, after installation new, updated, software had to be put in because there was some conflicts with the HDMI connections, the system, would freeze. (Id have to reboot)

I was having a lot of trouble with my Pioneer Blu Ray 9. An expensive unit, it would often freeze and NOT connect with the projector. Some discs, like the new King Kong had no sound. It was always very quirky, often creating a hum in the system. So I put it into our family room.
(It took the Mark Levenson, Thiel and Transparent Wire people TOGETHER to figure that one out. All were terrific.)

I bought an Oppo 95 Universal Player. I was surprised, instantly, by the better picture. More than that, I was surprised by the better sound. I am using LPCM and the difference between the two units was very noticeable. Also the Oppo loads in no time, you could put your kids through college waiting for the Pioneer to load. The Oppo also had a clear logical setup to follow.

*Most dealers told me they were identical in proformance. However, the somes who sold the 60 said it was better, some who sold the 9X said it was better.

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