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digitalmonkey 08-13-2009 05:13 PM

Mobile Projectors for my RV / campfire use?
I know it's not really home theater, but do you guys have any feedback as to mobile projectors for use in my RV / outdoors use? I'm looking at the Benq 100 lumen unit, Dell M209 (50 lumens) or the AAXA P1 projector (12 lumens). I'm really leaning towards the AAXA mobile projector because it's the only one that is truly battery powered but it's also only 12 lumens??? Will that be enough? Or should I go with something else?

Oh and I really want an LED only projector because I've had projector lamps break frequently in the RV (probably due to the bumps)

Here's the specs:

What do you guys think? 12 lumens ok for some minor video watching at night or should I go with a brighter unit? There's also a Samsung one that has 160 lumens I think but it's pricey...

picochan 08-21-2009 02:58 PM

Re: Mobile Projectors for my RV / campfire use?
OH~! I just ordered one of these because of the recent price reduction. I'll follow up w/ you after I receive it and play around with it.

picochan 08-24-2009 03:46 PM

Re: Mobile Projectors for my RV / campfire use?
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So I received my P1 recently and got to play around with it. Although I wasn't able to take it out camping with me, I think I can give you a good idea of what to expect. Given that you're watching it at night it'll really help. This projector won't be glaring bright like them bigger ones, but it projects a nice clear image up to I'd say 48 inches or so. I wouldn't rely on the speakers though, everything sounded nicer with earphones. That might be a good thing though, you won't disturb nature late at night with all the noises from watching the movie. It does seem to be rather light sensitive though, so prob would want to watch away from the campfire, or with the campfire out. I think if you were inside your camper, you'd get a mighty nice screen anywhere inside. I took a quick snapshot of this projecting onto my ceiling to give you an idea. You'll notice that the images are pretty clear, just not that bright. I even added one on the wall. Hope this was of some help.

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