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Lightspeed Design and InFocus Introduce Portable 3D Projectors
Lightspeed Design, Inc. and InFocus(R) Corporation have announced the world's first portable XGA and WXGA stereoscopic 3D projectors that deliver amazing HD stereoscopic 3D at a truly unprecedented level of price/performance.

DepthQ(R) HD 3D projectors offer rock-solid, 120Hz stereo 3D at 1280x720 or 1024x768 resolution. These bright, professional-level 3D projectors can easily display 12 ft (3.7m) diagonal 3D high-definition images using the latest Texas Instruments DLP(R) and BrilliantColor(TM) technologies for stunning colors and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Building on the "first to market" success of the original standard-definition DepthQ 3D projector introduced in 2005, Lightspeed again worked with industry innovator InFocus Corporation to realize our vision of HD resolution in a portable 3D format. The new DepthQ HD 3D projectors incorporate Lightspeed's patent-pending technologies with InFocus' proven reliability, providing our most discerning clientele with high-resolution stereo 3D at an affordable price.

Steve Stark, InFocus Vice President of Engineering, said, "Coordinating the engineering teams from InFocus, Lightspeed and Texas Instruments was exciting. This effort brought together talented engineers from three industry innovators who really came together to make this new level of 3D projector possible."

Fortune 500 companies, governments, major universities from Beijing to Munich, Hollywood's top filmmakers, and R&D labs across the globe have all embraced DepthQ's unique combination of premium 3D visualization and affordable price.

"Our clients represent a wide variety of industries, all of whom place a huge importance on stereo 3D visualization. Without exception they've been amazed at the value the DepthQ 3D projector has offered for the price. The new HD 3D projector raises the bar even higher," said Chris Ward, Lightspeed's President.

-- Affordable - Less than $6,000 - A fraction of the cost of other
single-lens 3D projectors
-- Quality - Flicker-free, 120 Hz HD 3D with DLP BrilliantColor technology
-- Portable - At 6.9 pounds it fits under your arm and takes less than
5 minutes to set up
-- Versatile - Work live in 3D-enabled applications; quality control 3D
film or video game development; bring 3D movies and games into your home

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