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i30krab 03-28-2008 04:05 PM

Old Kloss video beam
I just remembered back in 1983 I bought a KLoss NovaBeam Model One-A front projector. The thing was a monster with 3 big R-G-B lenses. The screen was a curved 6.5 foot size. and I had to align the system every other day. When the system played correctly it was a damn good TV and because people were afraid to buy one I paid $2500.00 which was A lot of $$ in those days. I used it for 6 years and then sold it to a neighbor for one of his nursing homes.

Henry Kloss, had started a new company Kloss Video, and introduced the Novabeam Model One. It used similar tube design and a modified Magnavox TV chassis in a smaller cabinet that could serve as something of a coffee table instead of looking like a giant norelco shaver in the middle of the room. The picture could be stunning when adjusted properly.

The Kipnis Studios 07-30-2008 08:40 PM

Re: Old Kloss video beam
Those were the days of pioneering NTSC projection television. I can remember the smell of those chassis, even now!

I knew Henry Kloss fairly well, and was so thrilled at the age of six to witness the first ADVENT 1000 front projector both in his home and at the ADVENT factory.

Kloss Video was the next logical step in 1980, producing better, more affordable superior projection solutions.

I still own my Kloss NovaBeam Model 1 & 1A today!

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