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NicollPr 12-11-2007 12:23 PM

SIM2 Gives DOMINO Full HD Model Important Boost
Italian manufacturer SIM2 is announcing an important upgrade to its most accessible 1080p front-projector model. The new DOMINO D80E single-chip DLP®-based model builds on the success of the very popular award-winning original D80, by integrating key technology advancements trickled down from SIM2’s renowned Grand Cinema series. Perhaps just as important, the new DOMINO D80E carries no price premium over the original D80, with its M.S.R.P. remaining unchanged at $8495.

The new DOMINO version retains the same basic structure: a single-chip DLP front projection system based upon the latest-generation, 1080p DarkChip3™ 0.95-inch DMD chipset from Texas Instruments, and equipped with a 160 watt lamp, new color-wheel (with primary and secondary colors) and high-precision glass optics. It also features TI’s proprietary BrilliantColor™ system, whose broader color range delivers deeper, more intense images with greater realism and contrast, by improving optical efficiency and extending the system’s available color gamut. The result is both improved contrast and brightness, and a more lifelike, finely-textured color rendition.

To this superb foundation—already capable of stunning hi-def and upscaled imaging from the full variety of home-theater sources, thanks to outstanding on-board processing—the D80E adds the Unishape™ lamp system, thereby raising the bar for entry-high-end projectors even higher. Unishape™ yields greater light output per Watt of consumption, further improving contrast so that the D80E DOMINO can produce an exceptional optimized contrast ratio (full on/off) of 4500:1. The benefits of combining, BrilliantColor™ and Unishape™ translate not only to greater dynamic impact for “pop” on bright scenes or image elements, but to substantial gains in contrast, increased by nearly 60% and more than double the light output when compared with the previous product.

Of course, the new DOMINO D80E version retains all the powerful facilities of its predecessor. These include flexible, motorized-zoom optics with 1.5 to 2.0 throw ratio and lens-shift and digital keystone; a complete range of picture-size and aspect compatibilities, including pixel-for-pixel and anamorphic modes, and full-HD, 1920x1080-pixel progressive-scan capability. Signal inputs cover all home and pro needs with composite, S-video, component, RGBHV, and HDMI-HDCP.

Also unchanged is the DOMINO D80E’s impressively compact layout: just 14x7x12-1/2 inches, and its understated—by SIM2 standards, anyway—yet elegant design. The new D80E is available from SIM2 USA in standard matte black or white finish, at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $8495.

JerryDelColliano 12-20-2007 06:11 PM

Re: SIM2 Gives DOMINO Full HD Model Important Boost
These projectors physically look VERY good.

Kevin Miller told me on the phone their new, top of the line $20,000 projector dealt with many of the issues he complained about in our last review. We might try to get another one in for review in 2008

wes 03-19-2008 04:25 PM

Re: SIM2 Gives DOMINO Full HD Model Important Boost
Sorry I am not following the thread but I felt I needed to let everyone know about Sim2/Seleco

SIM2 has the worst customer service as well as the worst reliability I ever encountered. I had a Seleco HT300 (15,000 unit at the time) for three years and had to send it three times to Seleco in Florida to get it repaired. Every time it the cost for the repair was north of $1500!!! The last time I didn't bothered it is now a door stop!

The case might look good but they are really not reliable projectors and the company doesn't stand beyond it's products. They take this approach that well sir you had your projector over a year and that the way it is. I WILL NEVER BUY A SELECO again and will let every one know how bad this company is.

I replaced it with a Sony Qualia and let me tell you this is what I call customer service.

deacongreg 03-21-2008 04:17 PM

Re: SIM2 Gives DOMINO Full HD Model Important Boost
Sorry about your experience, hopefully the Sony will do better.

wes 03-21-2008 08:34 PM

Re: SIM2 Gives DOMINO Full HD Model Important Boost
Thank you for your compassion, I guess I learned the hard way about buying looks over quality!

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