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JerryDelColliano 06-01-2007 03:41 PM

Meridian-Faroudja MF-1 projector and processor

This projector is my 1080p reference standard. I love the color saturation and the fact that it comes with William Phelps calibration. Luke Rawls from Meridian came out to make sure everything was cool with my setup. Kevin Miller made a few other changes specifically calibrating all of my 7 HD inputs (I can't belive there are 7 already)

I will say this much - for all of the gear I have owned in my rig (Cello, Mark Levinson, Meridian 800 series, Wilson, Revel, Krell, Classe, Linn and so on) this projector might just be the most emotionally powerful. Watching USC football on Saturday and my Eagles on the NFL Super Fan package on Sunday makes for one hell of a weekend. My wife LOVES watching movies on the system but I think Tiger Woods on XBox might be the best looking source so far. Pebble Beach looks REALLY REALLY realistic on the old 9 foot screen.

Does the fact the MF-1 doesn't have a lens for 2.35:1 factor in you buying one? I know they are working on this now.


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