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DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor Review
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JerryDelColliano 06-02-2007 07:38 PM

Re: DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor Review
This processor is a KILLER.

It can "polish a terd" coming out of your cable box at 480p (progressive is alway VERY HARD to process and upconvert) and make it look WAY better. I saw it for myselft at CEDIA last fall and it was impressive. The technolgy is called PREP.

The HDMI switching is also useful.

The VP50 dealt with all of the issues Kevin had with the VP30.

Gilbert Galdo 06-15-2007 03:21 PM

Re: DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor Review
Being the winner of the monthly giveaway a couple of months ago, this product is simply amazing. I was very skeptical about such products but now I cannot give enought praise to Anchor Bay Technology and their video processing hardware. (Thanks also goes to and for the monthly giveaways!)

My question is that there is an update software for the VP50 but I do not own a windows PC so I cannot install the update. Is there someone locally (I live in the West Los Angeles Area (Sawtelle area to be exact) that can install the update. Thanks in advance.

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