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JerryDelColliano 09-04-2007 11:00 AM

DVDO VP50 Pro gets ISFccc certification
Anchor Bay, a leading supplier of video processing systems and semiconductors (ASICs), today announced that its next-generation DVDO® iScan™ VP50PRO video processor will feature Imaging Science Foundation, Inc. ISFccc certification, allowing ISF-certified calibrators to provide their customers with the best-possible images for day and night viewing.

Outside of controlled environments, displays are subject to inconsistent lighting conditions that affect the viewing experience. As a solution to this problem, ISF provides training and certification to professional calibrators so they can offer their customers a reference-calibrated monitor with colors that are as accurate as possible.

Being ISFccc certified, the VP50PRO incorporates the necessary controls that will allow ISF-certified calibrators to adjust the display to the perfect grayscale for both day and night viewing, providing their customers with an accurate picture in various lighting environments.

After the VP50PRO's integrated controls and settings are calibrated during installation, the ISFccc day and night modes will simply be activated and locked. Anchor Bay's customers will be able to access the modes on-screen easily for optimized viewing instead of searching through complicated video menu systems.

"We are pleased to add the VP50PRO to a growing list of quality, ISF-certified products available to consumers," said Joel Silver, president and founder of ISF. "With ISFccc, the VP50PRO will provide consumers a professional and personalized configuration for their unique systems and home environments."

"ISF is well respected for its certification and training programs among home theater installers and high-end retailers, and it is a great testament to the technology behind our VP50PRO to receive ISFccc certification," said Craig Soderquist, CEO at Anchor Bay. "To our customers, having the ISF logo on the VP50PRO is a testament that they are assured to receive the best viewing experience possible in any lighting condition."

The VP50PRO will be shipping in September 2007.

JerryDelColliano 11-03-2007 12:35 PM

Re: DVDO VP50 Pro gets ISFccc certification
VERY few companies get this level of certification.

The DVDO is a killer unit. Everyone I know who has used one LOVES what it can do and how it successfully handles HDMI.

felitopaz 11-06-2009 08:05 PM

Re: DVDO VP50 Pro gets ISFccc certification
I have an ANTHEM AVM 30. Rather than buying the AVM 50 I was wondering if I can use the DVDO iSCAN VP50PRO for HDMI video up scaling since the AVM 30 does not have one. I use a Sony KDL-52HBR6.


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