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AdamClark 08-10-2010 02:27 AM

The Blue Man Group
Epic is going to be all about entertaining you (right from everything from the Blue Man Group up to the Second City to the numerous specialty restaurants).
NCL ships offer organized programming for kids that are as young as 2 years. And soon NCL is going to start Nickelodeon-themed shore excursions. This has been revealed by Richard Ambrose who is in charge of the youth programming for the fleet.
In fact going to view the Blue Man Group at the venue of the historic Charles Playhouse can also be considered as nothing less than a burden as in order to make it to the show, you have to climb almost 26 stairs. The Playhouse spokesman named Dan Swartz has give the statement that the respective theater is going to undergo renovations in the coming summer which will result in making the theater-going experience much more pleasant.
Richie Elliott sat for almost four hours on the floor at the Venetian. He had been seen nervously tapping a familiar beat against his knees and thighs. Several names were called as color-changing lights kept on changing and hence shifting the mood of the theater lobby. The room had been shades of pink, green, purple and last but not the least blue ó the color that Elliott was hoping to become. He had been waiting his turn for the Mondayís casting call in order to become the Blue Man Groupís next Blue Man, along with almost 156 other people. Get your cheap blue man group tickets before they sold out.

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