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Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
Anchor Bay today announced a free software upgrade for its DVDO iScan VP50 video processor that allows the system to produce a 1080p-24 output for any standard- or high-definition input, enabling an artifact-free, theater-like viewing experience. The new "Film Technology" feature is available as a software upgrade for the VP50 and is also slated for integration into Anchor Bay's forthcoming ABT2010 video processing chip.

The v1.04 "Film Technology" software upgrade is available to Anchor Bay's customers as a free download on its website, using either a serial or USB connection from the PC to the VP50. With the upgrade, the VP50 is the industry's first video processor with the ability to take all standard- and high-definition input signals and output them at 1080p-24, 1920x1080 pixel frames displayed at 24 frames per second. Other manufacturers can generate a 24-frame output from interlaced input signals, but only Anchor Bay has technologies that allow this with all input signals, interlaced or progressive.

Using Anchor Bay's PReP and Progressive Cadence Detection, the VP50 and ABT2010 are able to process interlaced and progressive signals correctly, recreating the original 24 frames that existed in the source from the 60 frames that the content is encoded in. The breakthrough process results in a stunning viewing experience without the artifacts that are typically introduced by high-resolution displays, such as judder, which manifests on the screen as jerky camera pans.

"We are excited to provide our 'Film Technology' as a software upgrade to the VP50, offering both new and existing customers the first video processor that offers a 1080p-24 output," said Craig Soderquist, CEO at Anchor Bay. "With 'Film Technology,' VP50 users can view all their movies at the exact same frame rate they would see in the theater. In addition, this breakthrough method will be featured in our ABT2010 chip. With more and more displays supporting 1080p-24, this feature provides a differentiator for display manufacturers, allowing them to offer their customers an experience that is unavailable using other solutions."

For more information on Anchor Bay or to download the free software upgrade, please visit Welcome to Anchor Bay

J.J. 07-13-2007 09:04 AM

Re: Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
I would like to ask a question for the experts. Would it be a wise investment for the VP50 device or a wiser investment to upgrade my preprocessor to one such as the Anthem AVM50 with video processing in it.

I have a 70" Sony SXRD and an Anthem AVM30 and Sony PS3 Blueray player. I am planning on professional ISF calibration first. What is your advice.

Also, doesn't the VP50 provide the correct widescreen 16:9 from all sources so you don't have to zoom in and degrade your picture or have black bars?

JerryDelColliano 07-14-2007 01:08 PM

Re: Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
Kevin Miller is the best guy to ask for this but I would suggest if you are video oriented - that the VP50 will give you more HDMI and make your SD look better. Be sure to get it before your ISF calibration.

The audio advantages and system simplicity that comes from a new Anthem preamp speak for themselves.

Can you get both? :)

PS: this question is excellent. I think it should have been posted as a new thread under Video Processors.

we want people feeling comfortable posting new threads when the questions are THIS good!!!

Thanks again

Kevin Miller 07-14-2007 03:35 PM

Re: Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
Hi JJ,

Good questions! Yes the VP50 is the way to go for you. The Sony's DRC video processinig for SD material is truly horrendous. You will be able to feed your set all your sources scaled up to 1080p. You should check to see if the Sony accepts 24fps as I am not sure if it does or not.

The VP50 is certainly superior in its video processing over the Anthem, and it also has very good Lip Sync correction for your audio if that is an issue for you.

Definitely wait for the calibration until you have the processor in the system as it will play a major role in the setup. Good luck with it!

J.J. 07-15-2007 08:55 PM

Re: Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
Thanks for the feedback! I agree, the Sony is disappointing on SD material. Good on DVD and great on HD. The Anthem upgrade I'm told won't be available until later this summer, but I think I will do both the VP50 and the upgrade.

Do you have any recommendations for the Jacksonville, FL area for ISF calibration specialists? I know a few dealers, but would like a personal reference.

J. J.

Kevin Miller 07-16-2007 02:44 PM

Re: Free Software Upgrade for VP50 Provides 1080p-24 Output
Hi JJ,

I don;t actually have any recommendations in that part of FL. However, the ISF data base at Imaging Science will have all the trained dealers, and if there are any independents listed in their Trained Dealer database. good luck with it.

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