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fordgt 12-05-2007 11:18 PM

Video processor or upgrade Anthem AVM20
I currently have an Anthem AVM20 preamp/processor and will be upgrading my TV to a front projector (I am considering the Optoma HD81-LV, the Sony VPL-VW60 or the JVC DLA-HD1). Note that I built my room with only one video (HDMI) cablle running from the projector location to the equipment rack.

I plan to either have the Anthem AVM20 upgraded to the AVM50 so that it has video processing and switching capabilities
To buy an outboard processor such as the DVDO VP50 Pro, Calibre Vantage HD, Silicon Optix HQV, etc..

I am looking for recommendations on which way to go. If it is the outboard processor route, which processor do you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

kennyt 12-06-2007 03:15 AM

Re: Video processor or upgrade Anthem AVM20
The scaler in the AVM50/D2 is very good, that said, the VP50pro is AMAZINGLY good. As a separate device, it will add some complexity to your system, so something to consider.

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