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Thrill Killer 09-04-2012 05:13 PM

MK S-150 THX System: How much?
I've been to the MK site ( Miller& Kreisel). Amazon,ebay,Google Shopping. No luck on price. I've called MK dealers. They won't quote MK over the phone. Have to come in if I want a price.

But I need to know how much it cost. There's a system available on Craigslist. But I won't to know how much a New system is worth. And then his,which is 3 yrs old. 2009 to be exact.

3 S-150 THX Fronts (L/C/R)
2 SS-150 THX Tripole Surrounds
1 MX-350 THX Subwoofer

The system is sold as a whole. Or by the individual speaker.
The seller bought the System as a whole. But,for the life of me. I can't find anywhere the price of S-150 System.

I need help. Thanks

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