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DWM_1920 10-20-2011 05:25 PM

Original Utopia sub won't recognize signal!
This absolutely MASSIVE piece of furniture has provided the most awesome depth and quality and almost put my windows out, and the best part is I got it for under $1k a couple years ago.

However, after going on a 28 day road trip in July, I believe I may have left it on, in it's default standby mode (off until it detects a signal). Unfortunately, it no longer detects a signal! I've tried a back-up sub and the Pre-Pro is just fine.

While the red light stays on, there isn't any sound.
If I'm going to lug this 150 lb beast to a shop, it'll be useful in advance to possibly know what the diagnosis could be, I'm hoping some techy out here can tell me it's probably something elementary. Problem is, Focal parts are very hard to come by in this country. Any ideas on if you think it could be something simple to fix or require a whole new part would be very welcome...

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