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NoSoOp4U 11-02-2008 08:49 PM

Kenwood Subwoofer Problem
Alright so i have a:
kenwood KS-303HT subwoofer
AMX directional balance audio cable

So one day i was playing music and i noticed there was not as much bass as their should be. so i checked what was wrong and noticed my sub was unplugged (possibility that it could have been unplugged either months and mutpiple times). once plugged in it would not make any sound unless it was something like a bass testing song and that only plays bass the deep part of the bass and it pops in and out which sounds bad. when i do the pink noise test. no sound from sub. i noticed that the reciever is in LFE channel which i cannot seem to get it off of.

ive tried almost everything i can think of and i cannot seem to shake the problem free

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