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JerryDelColliano 10-11-2007 05:58 PM

Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
I have over 1200 CDs and use my Meridian 800 as my CD transport but I have been thinking....

Should dealers sell CD players at all anymore? Wouldn't a server with UNCOMPRESSED audio be better and more cutting edge. More like an iPod without the ****ty sound?

Wouldn't audio dealers, who are going out of business one after another, make money like a custom installer who sells Crestron by having end users pay them to upload and manage their music.

Or is the CD still the reference standard for audio and it should be at the heart of every music system?

What say you!!!?

deacongreg 10-12-2007 02:55 PM

Re: Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
That is a great question Jerry. And without getting into ALL the stuff I`m thinking in my head, I think will still need the CD. Downloaded sound sucks, mostly anyway. Servers, I don`t know if I`m sold on them as far as quality goes as of yet. If uncompressed, then I guess we have something there. And, if you want to pump music to every room in the house, they are certainly built for that and convenience.

But something still says to me that cd is still the heart of the system. Unless we are going back to analog. Let me pull out my old fathful Dual 1229 and technics SL 1200 turntable!!!!

In fact, I was reading in a pro mag, that the 1200 has been re-done or beefed up!!!

kennyt 10-12-2007 05:35 PM

Re: Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
While I haven't owned a CD only player since my Linn Ikemi ~6 years ago (I still miss this player!) I feel they are still viable.

All universal players make some conpromise for adding formats, and true high end CD players will be with us for a while.

I do use a music server and love the convienence, but the silver disc needs to be close at hand sometimes...

Silver Supra 10-14-2007 02:21 PM

Re: Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
I know it's inevitable that we will eventually access all our music via a mouse click (vinyl guys excluded) - but that will be a sad day.

I have always loved high end disk spinners and some of the romance of my system will be gone when I no longer have one. Unless Wadia comes out with a killer server that look as cool as their old 861! :)

JerryDelColliano 10-14-2007 07:08 PM

Re: Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
As far as I can tell Wadia is LONG out of business.

As for servers - there are a MILLION companies trying to make one.

The product that needs the most help and is most interesting to me is Music Giants. 1100 kps downloads. 24-96, sometimes in surround. They need major label support. Without that - it remains an audiophile toy - albeit a GREAT sounding one.

I am considering getting a Logitech Transporter JUST to run Music Giants. I know that sounds crazy but my request can't to it and has become difficult for me to program as I am out of inputs on my Meridian 861 (video) and their iTunes interface is for PC only. Great idea. Apple product. PC interface only.

Silver Supra 10-14-2007 10:59 PM

Re: Should Dealers Sell CD players anymore?
Wadia sure looks like they are still in business to me. Their website is active and they are advertising their new 581 player.

I'm not sure how well they will fare int he future however - as the age of the silver disk seems to be nearing it's end.

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