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Arcam Release the Solo Movie 2.1 System
Arcam presents the Solo Movie 2.1 - the perfect solution for music lovers who also seek a high performance movie experience.

Arcam's Solo Music and Solo Movie 5.1 have set the standard for sound quality and style in an integrated system. The Solo 2.1 is aimed at those who want home theater functionality but don’t want the complexity of a full 5.1 system or who may have space limitations that prohibit more speakers. The Solo 2.1 delivers fully involving sound with either a stereo pair full range speakers or smaller "satellite" speakers with a subwoofer. The 50W amplifiers will drive the most demanding speakers.

In common with the Solo Movie 5.1, the new Solo Movie 2.1 system has a set of features that ensure the highest audio and video performance. HDMI and component video switching ensure complete compatibility with High Definition television while the internal 720p/1080i video scaler guarantees a stunning picture from the internal DVD player.

The Solo Movie 2.1 is ideal for use with Arcam’s r-Dock or r-Lead which allows integration of the iPod with the best sound quality possible. It comes with a learning remote control. A full suite of RS232, IR and trigger connections mean the Solo Movie 2.1 is ideal for many performance–oriented custom applications.

The Arcam Solo 2.1 has a suggested retail of $2499.

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