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Lefisc 02-25-2012 11:54 AM

My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
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I was always a two channel sort of guy, who knew we’d have home theatre. I need a bigger house!
When I moved out of the city, I lost most of my favorite FM stations and all AM reception. Recently, I got an Internet Radio and have been really enjoying it. I get my old stations back and many others from all over the world. Sonos has been my new plaything.

Amplifier (center) Krell Evolution 400
Amplifier (front 2 channel) Krell Evolution 600e
Amplifier (3 rear channel) Proceed HPA-3
CD/SACD Player Krell Cipher
FM Tuner Day Sequerra FM Reference
Headphones Stax Lambda Pro
Internet Radio Sonos
Phono Pre amp Krell
Speakers Revel Ultima Salon 2
Center Channel Revel Ultima Voice 2
Rears and Back Surround Thiel Powerplanes
Sub-Woofer SVS SB 13 Utra (new)
Turntable VPI 19 Mark 4
Tonearm SME 309
Cartridge Audioquest 401i
Record Cleaner VPI 17
Laser Disc Pioneer Elite LD-S2

XM Radio (not in Use) Polk Reference

Home Theatre
Blu-Ray Player Oppo BDP 105
Surround Controller Krell 707 3D
HDTV Receiver Verizon
Laser Disc Pioneer Elite 95
Video Projector JVC DLA-RS66U
Video Screen Vue Tech 108
Wiring: Krell Cast and Transparent Audio
Universal Remote Control MX850

jayMckain 03-26-2012 12:13 AM

Re: My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
no wonder, with all those home theater sets you might consider building it's own

contraception 04-11-2012 09:35 PM

Re: My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
Wow that's great!! You don't need to go to the cinema!! ;-)

shanevic7 07-30-2012 09:58 AM

Re: My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
Very nice setup man. I think they DESERVE their own mansion lol

einteractive 10-29-2012 02:40 AM

Re: My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
Wow, thats really amazing that how you have set up your home theater system. I can say that this is the perfect way to set up a home theater system, which is not easy to do. You have done a great job setting up your home theater system.

Lefisc 12-03-2012 02:08 PM

Re: My Two Channel and Home theater Set-up
Thanx, Einteractive, it was a lot of work, and sadly, it still is.

The biggest mistake in my “stereo” life” was sticking with mark Levenson after Madrigal sold it. The units are poorly made, not upgradable and frankly NOT fixable. Harman Kardon has completely “spun off” its repair units. The ML 502 went back to the shop more times than I can count, more than five or six times, or even seven times and they were NEVER able to fix the problems. First, the machine freezes and the controls stop working, even if turns on, which is doesn’t always do. Second, the bass begins to hum, third the trigger burn out and the switches don’t work. Finally, this expensive machine was not upgradable, so not only didn’t do 3-D, it couldn’t do DTSHD or Dolby Digital HD.

I traded it in (and lost a lot of money on this) for the Krell 707. Which, in my brief time with it, sounded just right. Then BOOM.

My fairly new JVC projector failed the same night I got the Krell!!! I can’t believe it!!! My dealer offered to replace the JVC quickly with a new model, or have me wait a couple of months for the new model. I took the new model! And should get it next week. I hope. But you need the video to hook up the audio, so I will tell the full results when I get them.

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