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rumonkey2 10-22-2008 01:21 PM

New Member/My Budget system!
Hi! New to these forums & figured I would show you what I'm enjoying....

Just recently purchased my first HD set - VIZIO 37" LCD, so I can now consider my system complete.
Of course, already planning upgrades, etc...

I've been planning/working on/acquiring gear for my small 11x11x8 "Media Room" for 2 years now...

This is what I went from:

To this (in the past 2 months):

Always a budget system, alot of "B stock"/Refurb/Open Box & DIY thrown in...squeezing the most outta my money!

Vizio 37" LCD : Open Box/Return buy.Plan to move this to living area and go 50" 1080p something early next year
AV123 XLS Classic MNS L/C/R : B Stock. gonna do skiingNinja BUDO (Classic to Encore) upgrades...sometime...
JBL "Balcony" surrounds and Altec Lansing Model 21 rears: refurbs/closeout &"custom" painted
Sony SA-WM40 Sub: hiding in pics. Polyfilled. Going to dual TCA SCAMPS whenever they reach production!
HK AVR240: Refurb
Panasonic DVD-S35: Open Box Buy
Onkyo DX-C320: Garage Sale some years ago
Charter HD/DVR Service: May be going DISH soon
DIY Stand to accommodate matching fronts & no wall mounting of flat panel
DIY 2x2x4" open back panels & "mini panels" as a trial to room treatments: Working on front corner DIY "Tri-Trap" & may get some ATS panels (for a professional finish!)
Berkline Recliners

The last pic only shows "6.1" but I've since added the other rear & filled that shelf w/ media.
Plan to get PS3 for BluRay & upgrade harddrive for "storing" all my CDs....

Started w/ a Pioneer 5.1 AVR, Paradigm Titans & CC (now a 3.0 bedroom system) & this Sony sub and the Altecs some 8+ years ago...
ALWAYS plans to upgrade, tweak, experiment. But, for now, just really enjoying what I've got!

deacongreg 10-23-2008 02:48 PM

Re: New Member/My Budget system!
Welcome to the forum. Way to go on the Vizio. Its really hard to beat Vizio, for cost per dollar/performance ratio. Keep your enthusiasm!!!


wes 10-23-2008 04:17 PM

Re: New Member/My Budget system!
NHT is on sale,


rumonkey2 10-23-2008 06:10 PM

Re: New Member/My Budget system!

Originally Posted by deacongreg (Post 18279)
Welcome to the forum. Way to go on the Vizio. Its really hard to beat Vizio, for cost per dollar/performance ratio. Keep your enthusiasm!!!


Ohhh, I've had the "enthusiasm"/passion since in my early teens. Alas, it's always been a budget thing with me.
But, recently, the passion has been reborn/blossomed even more. Audio first - I'm planning/saving/auditioning for a 2 channel rig based on vinyl... And I may get froggy and try tubes...LOL! I figure I'm about 2 years out on achieving that goal.
I'm one of those always helping friends/family w/ much more expensive systems. But, I'll save them money and time... Lately I've helped on 2 $10k + "family room" systems. And they don't even have the "enthusiasm" I do, just the $$$......That's what drives me.

And, VIZIO is a great value. It's got it's flaws and I do notice differences/have issues. Not even side by side. But I wouldn't hesitate recommending VIZIO for "non-videophile" or secondary set....


hostchecker 10-25-2008 01:23 AM

Re: New Member/My Budget system!
Thats pretty sweet

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