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kal 03-26-2008 10:13 PM

Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)
Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd share my setup - it's been evolving since about 2000 to the current setup. I've always had a love for movies and beer & wine (I make both) so I've combined it all as a HT and bar setup!

The equipment:

Speakers: Paradigm Signature S8 / C5 / ADP / Servo [Review]
Projector: Zenith 1200 / Barco Cine 8 Onyx CRT projector [Review]
Preamp: Acurus ACT-3
Amps: Acurus A200x3, A100x2
Sources: Playstation 3, ExpressVu 9200 HD-PVR
Screen: 96x54" specially painted custom screen, 1.1 gain, wrapped in velvet
Acoustic tiles: Home made/custom
Seating: Jaymar Leather HT recliners (2 rows of 3)
Control: Pronto, Xantech IR distribution, IR controlled lighting

All custom work, building, installation, treatment, and calibration performed by myself.

My background:

I'm the webmaster and editor of the home theater website where I spend a lot of time writing up procedures, guides, and other home theater tips. Latest work is the 22,000 word GREYSCALE & COLOUR CALIBRATION FOR DUMMIES guide that walks anyone through the process of getting the absolute best picture out of any TV or projector.


(Continued in next post...)


kal 03-26-2008 10:14 PM

Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)

I'm also avid beer brewer and typically have anywhere from 4-8 kegs on homemade beer on tap:

The beer is made in my own brewery I built from scratch located in a back room (for more info see

More HT information, pictures, and DIY how-to instructions


kennyt 03-27-2008 05:05 AM

Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)
Very nice set up Kal, I used to own Acurus and Aragon amps, I imagine they would make for a solid HT with the Paradigms, and I am all for the beer in the theater!!!

kal 03-27-2008 07:28 AM

Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)
Thanks Ken!

While the Acurus stuff has served me well, I'm looking at upgrading the electronics and will likely be replacing it with an Anthem Statement D2 as the preamp/processor (with the excellent Gennum VXP processsor), along with their P2 and P5 amps to go 7.1 (a couple of extra Paradigm Signature ADP's needed then...). It never ends. :)

The one thing I'm still completely happy with is the Zenith 1200 (aka rebadged Barco Cine 8 Onyx) CRT projector. I prefer it to every latest and greatest digital (including the JVC RS1/RS2) under $20K that I've had the chance of seeing. Eventually the higher end digitals will come down in price, but for me coming from high end CRT, it's just not there yet. I'm not the only one it seems: I was emailing with Gary Reber (Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Widescreen Review) recently about the CRT projectors they use in their two reference theaters - A Sony G90 and a Runco 1200 (rebadged Barco Cine9). He had this to say:

"We love our 9-inch CRT projectors, even though we have our pick of the leading edge D-ILA, SXRD, and DLP projectors, which we also have on-hand at Widescreen Review. We are installing a factory-new Sony VPH-G90 this Friday and over the weekend, as a replacement for our broken one."

I don't have the room for a Barco Cine9 (throw distance issue and people bumping their heads in the second row), but I'd love to see one in action!

I tell ya, home theater is a (very expensive!) disease! :)


TheMoose 03-27-2008 08:28 AM

Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)
Movies & Brewskies!!
Gotta love it! :D

How do you like the servo sub?
How does it compare it to a JL Fathom?
The Servo & Fathom are the 2 leading contenders for my Sub upgrade.

kal 03-27-2008 09:25 AM

Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)
I've always liked the Servo. Though I should probably have 2 to smooth things out a bit (and it's a big room). I've never used the JL Fathom however.


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