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i30krab 03-01-2008 01:45 PM

My dedicated home theater room
Hi everyone, I am a new member and here is my very small dedicated room.
I had to put a lot of HT equipment in a small 12x14 ft room with 10 ft ceilings.

This is a custom built 12' x14' room. The walls have 6" studs with R 21 insullation and outer sound board. The inner walls have 2 layers of 5/8" drywall with a layer of loaded vinyl sound proofing sandwiched in between. The room has 1 window cut out with 2 full double glazed windows to keep in the sound. The 9'solid core bifold doors are completely weather stripped with piano hinges between 2 middle bifolds.. The room is so sound proofed, I can turn up the volume full blast and not bother anyone watching TV 2 rooms away! The walls have 4" fiberglass custom cloth covered sound absorbers with bass traps in all corners,ceiling and floors all bought from Kinetico outside Columbus Oh. Creative home theater techs here in las vegas came in with their meters and showed me which panels to purchase and where to put them!
We have just enough room for 4 reclining theater seats.
The sound and picture are outstanding! Interestingly, I sealed the room too well and I had to put a quiet split model air conditioner in the wall because the room became too hot!
I wanted a bigger dedicated room but that's all my lot would accommodate. You have to play the cards you're dealt!

My equipment list for the home theater:

pioneer Kuro PDP-6010FD -plasma

Rotel RSP-1068 pre-processor

2 Rotel 1080 200w/chan amps for rear and surround speakers

Monster 3250 Signature 3 channel amp with 250 WPC for the right center and left speakers.

Mirage M5-si Circa 1992 Bipolar towers totally updated & modified including internal xovers by Jeff Glowacki at Sonic Craft Speakers in witchita TX.

Definitive Technology CLR 2000 center channel updated & modified by Jeff Glowacki at Sonic Craft Speakers in witchita TX.

Definitive Technology IW BP/A (2) Right & left in ceiling Surround speakers. Rectangular Bipolar Built-In Loudspeaker with 5-1/4" Drivers

Definitive Technology UIW 83/A (2) Right & left rear Surround speakers<br>Stamped-basket 8" bass/midrange driver and a 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter in a coaxial configuration

LCY Model LCY-100K Super tweeters atop the mirage M5-si's

Pinnacle Baby Boomer . acoustic suspension Subwoofer dual 8" woofers with a 600 watt amplifier

Richard Gray RGP 400, 600, and sub station Power conditioning: I ran a dedicated 220 line to the sub station where it's converted to 110. The units are used for isolating front end and amplifiers

Pioneer DV59-AVi DVD Player with Multi-Channel DVD Audio and SACD Playback

audioquest CV-6 Speaker wire Dielectric-bias-system

Interconnects multiple companies: DiMarzio, Elco, Audio metallurgy, Z squared audio, audioquest,Kimber,and straight wire, Blue Jeans.

Ernie M power cords

Universal Remote Control MX3000

Vibration control: Mapleshade Heavyhats, Mapleshade ISOBLOCKS, Timbernation Maple stands & shelves, Vibrapod Cones & pads.

Wall treatments, Kinetics noise control Bass traps & sound absorbers.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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