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JerryDelColliano 11-24-2007 12:58 PM Reference Theater - Del Colliano Residence

This is the feature on my home and my systems with a slide by slide commentary:

1. The is the driveway of my home which is way at the top of a canyon. The landscaping has become a personal project/hobby of mine that is quickly eclipsing my audio "habit". I have been through 3 landscape designers until I found my current guy, David Tardiff. He is the only person who was able to actually explain WHY things worked and how to install them correctly on the steep hills of my property. Just this year, I have planted (48) 15 gallon agaves, dozens of succulents and more than 5,000 rosemary and rockrose plants. Finally, the results are starting to look more complete...

2. This is the living room where my wife and I spend most of our time. If you look REALLY closely you can see the outline of the BIG PSB speakers behind the fabric wall. Note: all of my plasmas are built into the wall. This room is where my OLD theater used to be. I will see if I can find an image of that to post later

3. Another look at my living room. The "polka dot" type print is something done by a British artist named Damian Hirst. I found his stuff at another MHT shoot (the one with the Mercedes McLaren parked out front). He has two installation pieces by Hirst. One is a dead cow's head in formaldehyde. Very dramatic. The fireplace is covered in limestone. When we bought the house it was canary yellow painted brick. Ooof....

4. This is the seating shot of m theater. There are RPG Modex plates in the back corners behind the fabric wall. The furniture is VERY comfortable and affordable. I got it at Room and Board which is a good online source for furniture. They also have a few REALLY BIG showrooms like the one we visited in Orange County.

5. Here is the front view of my theater featuring my Wilson WATT Puppy v7 speakers. I have since replaced them with Revels for a change of pace. The height of the Revels work well with the slight "stadium seating" arrangement we built.

6. Here is a look at my rack. I am using Meridian's 800 series DVD player and AV preamp along with a host of HD sources including a Toshiba XA2, Sony BDP-1, a DVHS deck, an HD TiVo, a Playstation 3, an Xbox 360 and beyond.

7. Lower in my rack you can see my Mark Levinson No. 436 power amps. The biggest issue facing my system these days is heat. We have two large fans going when the system is on. One to suck room air in and the other to pipe hot air out of the rack. We have the same setup for the projector.

8. I love this 3 chip D-ILA projector from Meridian-Faroudja. Its likely my favorite AV component that I have ever owned.

9. One of the best things about a Bob Hodas setup is the way he can make a subwoofer disappear sonically in a room EVEN when you are sitting right next to it. I am considering adding another sub to the room on the other side of this one to add even more oomph to the sound.

10. When I installed this theater (I didn't install it, Simply Home Entertainment did) I switched from AMX to Crestron and have had better luck with the new system. Every once and a while the wireless functionality doesn't work right away or the remote falls "asleep" but those can be fixed in mere seconds with the touch of the screen.

11. This used to be my master bedroom and the picture on the old Sony XBR CTR set when calibrated by Kevin Miller is REALLY special. Talk about black levels. Now, this system is used as our gym.

12. One regret I have about the house is: as much as I like to cook and entertain - we only have room to seat 6 people. We could cut the stone on the counter top to make more room but that is messy and risky. I think I will leave that project for the next owner or for years to come.

13. I have had nothing but trouble with my Viking fridge. This is my second one because they couldn't fix my first one. This one has broken twice in the first year. The Sub Zero I want is $12,900. How does it feel to want - Jerry?

14. This is the office. The little Bravia HDTV now has all of the MPG4 HD channels from DirecTV which is cool. Food Network in HD is always a good pick when posting on the forum or checking email before coming to work.

15. With the low cost of HDTVs today, you can stick them practically anywhere. We built this one into the wall like the other HDTVs in the house. I like putting on Destination HD and watching basically nothing when taking a bath. The bathtub isn't a Jacuzzi but it has SMALL holes that force hot air into the tub which makes a Jacuzzi effect.

16. I access my ReQuest server through the Creston in-wall touch panel by the front door. I wanted to get a bigger one before the shoot but even at my cost it was almost $2,000 for a more sizable screen. I skipped that but still want one.

17. Here is another shot looking up at the addition we built. The theater is on the bottom and the master bedroom is on the top.

18. The theater is directly ahead. The herb garden on the right gets a lot of use when cooking. In California, you can keep those plants going year-round.

19. Way up at the top of the hill (just the left of the top of the palm tree) there are three red tailed hawks that cruise the bowl behind our house. We also have two owls that stop by. One night during a dinner party, the larger of the two owls, landed on the top of the closed umbrella. We tried to get a photo of it but couldn't. We did get a shot of the owl later on top of our master bedroom. In a city with 4,000,000 people, its cool to have so much wildlife nearby. That excludes the snakes. I am not to fond of those guys.

21. This is the custom rack plate that Simply Home Entertainment made for my theater which was a nice touch. They are one of the best install and design firms in the nation with clients like The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the founders of Research in Motion (blackberry), Sumner Redstone and many others including lowly old' me! :)

I wanted to thank all of the people and companies who made my system possible:
- Tim Duffy and Chris Hansen at Simply Home Entertainment
- Bob Hodas for acoustical tuning, design and treatments.
- Kevin Miller for video calibration
- Bobby Reese - the architect who kept me on budget
- Meridian, PSB, Purelink, Dtrovision, ReQuest, Richard Gray's, Transparent, Wilson and Xhifi for needed components.
- Dave, Bruno, Oliver and Ed for all of your help making things work correctly.

JerryDelColliano 11-24-2007 01:02 PM

Before Photos
2 Attachment(s)
Here are some images of the house when we bought it.

1477 sqft traditional "post and beam" from 1959

You can see the yellow painted brick in the living room and the TACKY dining room set. Tacky was a theme when we bought the house.

JerryDelColliano 11-24-2007 01:06 PM

Some Install Photos
2 Attachment(s)
Here is a shot of the living room under construction - before the inwalls, the fabric wall etc...

JerryDelColliano 11-24-2007 01:25 PM

Installtion photos from the theater
5 Attachment(s)
The first image shows the UNREAL support my contractor built to put below the rack. With (2) 7 foot tall middle atlantic racks LOADED with gear - I bet they weigh no less than 1000 LBS.

The second image shows the RPG BAD pannels and the modex plates being installed as well as the inwall rear speakers.

The third image shows the rack without the cables installed. Note: the huge air intakes inside of the rack.

The forth image shows the screen and fabric wall (whisper walls) going in.

The last image shows only SOME of the Transparent Reference cables we used for the installation.

deacongreg 11-24-2007 01:28 PM

Re: Reference Theater - Del Colliano Residence
Very impressive Jerry. You have a beautiful home. Congratulations. Everything looks very clean and neat. The Wilsons look great next to the screen. I like the outdoor shoot where you sit outside and see the mountain.

Real, real nice. I could come home from work everyday, to that. I would sit a minute, outside, take in the view, before going in. Well done!!!

BTW, what a difference from the before shots to now - unbelievable!!

JerryDelColliano 11-24-2007 01:29 PM

Re: Reference Theater - Del Colliano Residence
Thanks for the kind words.

I would love to see other people post their systems up on the site like this. Tell us about your gear. Show us images of your installation. Tell us about your upgrades.

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