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JerryDelColliano 10-11-2007 05:21 PM

DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
DirecTV sucks.

They constantly waste my time and even worse - my money.

I have 5 HR10-250 HD tivos. They CONSTANTLY break. I pay their STUPIDLY HIGH rates for "insurance" and they still work me for 45 minutes on the phone trying to reboot a DEAD unit that wont power up.

Their next move is to try to make one of their contractors come up to your place. No thanks.

Then they MIGHT give in an send you another receiver. I can tell you have received NO LESS THAT 6 dead units in the past year from DirecTV.

When my next receiver arrives a few days later - its an HR-20 DVR NOT A TIVO. Note to the IDIOT in India or whereever he was - I have a programed remote for the TIVO that I PAY your company to replace with $7 per month. Idiots.

I don't care how many JD Power awards or how many Peyton Manning commercials they run - their hardware SUCKS. Outsourcing their customer serive isn't too smart either.

I am thinking about cable after being a client since DAY ONE!!!!!

Robinson_A 10-11-2007 07:28 PM

Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
I've had similar experience with DirectTV which is why I am no longer a customer. Not only did my HD boxes break the customer service was awful. When I moved I paid a boat load of money to cancel my subscription only to be hit with a bill ONE YEAR later for charges they failed to tally when I canceled. I moved to Time Warner Digital Cable for a year and they were in a dead heat with DirectTV for being totally useless.

I now have Dish and couldn't be happier. They installed my system the next day (Both DirectTV and Time Warner couldn't do it for three weeks) and I have HD in every room in the house for about half what Direct TV and TW would've charged me. They're great to do business with and every time I need someone to come out to the house they're there and on time. I will never use DirectTV or TW again. I don't care how many HD channels they claim to have in the future.

TheMoose 10-11-2007 10:09 PM

Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
Yea, tier 1 CS people there seem to be doing nothing but reading off a script and are of no help, they seem to think everyone is as clueless about the receivers as they are!

Fortunately I don't deal with CS unless one of my receivers has a hardware problem which means it's been over a year since I talked to them.
Both of my HR20-700's are running pre-release software & all the tier levels of CS know only about the national release software. So all my questions go to where any bugs are addressed in the next pre-release download.

My question to you Jerry is why do you still have the HR10-250's?
Not only are they known for the poor build quality they are I believe Mpeg2 only so you can't get the new HD stations.
Is the TiVo interface that good that you put up with the failures & no new HD stations?
The HR20-700's are of a better build quality than older boxes & they are Mpeg4 receivers so you can get all the new HD channels, but if you get new receivers you get a new 2 year commitment.

My biggest problem with DirecTV is their draconian commitment terms, there is no 30 day trial period, you set up DirecTV & you have a 2 year commitment (is that even legal?), you upgrade your receivers, another 2 year commitment, forcing people to pay to leave is no way to treat customers!
Also why am I paying $299 each for a leased receiver?? That really tick me off but I paid it because I wanted HD-DVR's.

Most companies Customer service is a joke anymore, but believe me I'm way better off with DirecTV than I was with Cox cable!

deacongreg 10-12-2007 02:47 PM

Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
I don`t know guys, I think I mentioned earlier that I worked for Cablevision here in Westchester and heard all the horror stories with DirecTV. Cablevision has its issues as well, but at least you can get a real tech to the house (just make sure you request a house tech, not a contractor, 10% of the installs and service calls done in Westchester are contractors, Jim Dolans idea).

Service does not stop for bad weather, and the picture is decent. Wind and rain will not ruin a movie while you are chilling with the wife, or embarass you when you have friends and family over.
And, they offer no internet and phone. And Optimum is very fast.
Here Andrew, most of the Dish Network and DirecTV customers are the influx of Peruvian, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil customers. Most would get cable, but until recently, had no International channels, which is becoming a very big thing. Especially the people from India. Though they are here now, they still want to watch news and sports from their native countries. Especially soccer. And hardly any of them are into home theater at all!!

wazzzup 10-18-2007 10:21 AM

Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
well, dont think that Dish Network is a hell of alot better. You can sit on hold all day, only to get a tech that says "if it's HD, then you need upper level support" and will throw you back into the hole qeue (sp?). I loathe the days i have to call them but fortunately that is not too often.

creisinger 07-28-2008 08:36 AM

Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment
Hello all. I just found this place. I have had directv for 5 months now. They can not fix my problem with my HD. Three receivers, and we went from HDMI cable one to HDMI cable two, then HDMI port 2, and now the blue, green connections. They have been to my house 5-7 times. My case is in the escalation department. Local service just comes out and changes a wire, and then says, well lets see what happens. All while I pay my bill in full each month.

So guess what! I bought the following domain, and I will be posting my story there. I will be telling them, every time some one goggles they will see this site for support. I could not believe this site was available. Think they will get the point? I had dish before, and was happy, but wanted HD, and they did not have my locals in HD, but at least with them I had a consistent picture quality. No dropped signal, not sparkles, no searching for signal. Sure I have searching for signal if it rained really heavy, or snowed really heavy, but besides that, Dish was good! I am just tired of getting dumped on by these TV vendors. I pay my money, and I hold up my end of the contract, why not them?? Check the site in a week, it will be up and the hole story will be there.


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