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rbinck 04-10-2009 12:13 PM

AT&T U-verse
As many of you may know AT&T and Verizon have entered the Television delivery arena with their IPTV offerings. Since the measure of providers has become how many HD channels they offer, U-verse stacks up very well. Here is the U-verse HD national lineup:

1102 DHDTR - Discovery Theater
1104 UNIHD (not U-200)
1105 HDNET
1106 HDMOV - Movies
1108 TNTHD - TNT
1109 TNTHDW - TNT West (3/11)
1112 TBS HD - TBS
1113 TBSHDW - TBS (3/11)
1116 MGM HD (not U-200)
1118 SMITH HD - Smithsonian (not U-200)
1120 DSC HD - Discovery
1124 USA HD
1128 FX HD 11/3/08
1134 E! HD 4/09
1140 COM HD 11/09
1145 SPKEHD 11/09
1149 G4 HD 4/09
1155 BET HD 11/09
1157 TV1 HD 01/10
1163 C&I HD 05/10
1164 TRU HD 05/10
1166 A&EHD
1178 FAM HD 4/09
1180 WGN HD - Chicago 11/3/08
1181 BRAVHD - Bravo
1201 News HD Multiview (3/11)
1202 CNN HD
1203 HLN HD 05/10
1210 Fox News Channel HD 11/3/08
1211 Fox Business News HD (not U-200) 11/3/08
1215 MSNBC HD 01/10
1216 CNBC HD
1225 TWC HD
1250 TLC HD - Travel Channel
1252 APL HD - Animal Planet
1254 Travel HD 11/3/08
1256 OWN HD (3/11)
1258 SCI HD - Science Channel
1260 ID HD 11/09
1265 NGC HD - National Geographics
1270 THC HD - History
1272 BIO HD 05/10
1274 HISTIHD 05/10
1302 DIS HD 4/09
1304 DXD HD 4/09
1314 NICKHD 11/09
1325 TOON HD 01/10
1326 TOONHDW (3/11)
1360 LIFE HD - Lifetime 11/3/08
1362 LMNHD - Lifetime Movies
1380 STYLE HD 4/09
1420 QVC HD 11/3/08
1422 HSN HD 05/10
1454 DIY HD (3/11)
1456 COOK HD (3/11)
1465 PG HD (not U-200)
1470 WLTHHD - Wealth
1484 FUN HD (3/11)
1490 Havoc Music Videos (4/11)
1492 HALOHD (3/11)
1501 Faceoff Music Videos(4/11)
1502 MTV HD 11/09
1505 PLD HD - Music Videos (was 1502)
1518 VH1 HD 11/09
1525 CMT HD 11/09
1560 TBN HD 01/10
1601 Sports HD Multiview (3/11)
1602 ESPN HD
1604 ESN HD 4/09
1605 ESNUHD 4/09
1606 ESPN2 HD
1610 ESPN3D (3/11)
1629 NFL RZ 11/09
1630 NFLHD
1632 NBA HD (3/11)
1634 MLB HD (3/11)
1638 NHLHD 4/09
1640 VER HD
1641 GOLF HD 4/09
1643 CBSCHD (3/11)
1650 BTN - Big Ten - intermittent
1652 SPEED HD 11/3/08
1653 FS+ HD (3/11)
1660 TENNHD 07/10
1679 WFN HD 01/10
1680 OUT HD (not U-200) 11/3/08
1691-1695 ALT HD (intermittent) 11/09
1702 YES HD (not U-200) 4/09
1720 FSFLHD (3/11)
1722 SUN HD (3/11)
1724 FSSHD (3/11)
1729 SPSOHD (3/11)
1730 FSP HD (3/11)
1735 STO HD (not U-200) 4/09
1737 FSD HD (3/11)
1741 CSN HD (3/11)
1744 FSNHD (3/11)
1748 FSMOHD (3/11)
1753 FSDAHD - Fox Sports Dallas (regional intermittent) 11/3/08
1754 FSSWHD - Fox Sports Southwest - (regional intermittent)
1755 FSHOHD - Fox Sports Houston - (regional intermittent)
1756 FSSAHD - Fox Sports San Antonio - (regional intermittent)
1760 FSRMHD (3/11)
1764 FSNWSD (3/11)
1767 CSCHD (3/11)
1770 CBSAHD (3/11)
1772 FSWHD (3/11)
1774 FSPTHD (3/11)
1790 TCM HD 05/10
1791 SONYHD (3/11)
1799 RELZHD (3/11)
1802 HBO HD **
1803 HBOW HD **
1804 HBO2HD **
1805 HBO2HD ** 11/3/08
1806 HBOFHD **
1807 HBOFHD ** 4/09
1808 HBOCHD **
1809 HBOSHD ** 4/09
1810 HBOCHD ** 11/3/08
1811 HBOCHD ** 4/09
1812 HBOZHD ** 11/3/08
1813 HBOZHD ** 4/09
1814 HBOLHD ** 11/3/08
1815 HBOLHD ** 4/09
1832 MAX HD **
1833 MAXW HD **
1834 MMAXHD ** 11/3/08
1835 MMAXHD ** 4/09
1836 ACTMHD ** 11/3/08
1837 ACTMHD ** 4/09
1838 TMAXHD ** 11/3/08
1839 TMAXHD ** 4/09
1840 5MAXHD ** 11/3/08
1842 WMAXHD ** 11/3/08
1844 OMAXHD ** 11/3/08
1846 ATM HD ** 11/3/08
1852 SHO HD **
1853 SHOW HD **
1854 SHO2HD ** 11/3/08
1855 SHO2HD ** 4/09
1856 SHOCHD ** 11/3/08
1857 SHCHD ** 4/09
1858 SHOXHD ** 11/3/08
1859 SHXHD ** 4/09
1882 TMC HD **
1883 TMCHD ** 4/09
1884 TMCX HD ** 11/3/08
1885 TMCXHW ** 11/09
1902 STZ HD **
1903 STZW HD **
1904 STZEHD ** 11/3/08
1910 STZCHD ** 11/3/08
1912 STZKHD **
1932 ENC HD ** 11/3/08
** = premium channel requires a separate subscription

** = premium channel requires a separate subscription
HD channels require a $10 technology fee

rbinck 04-10-2009 12:38 PM

Re: AT&T U-verse
I have had Uverse for quite a while now and must say I'm very pleased with it. When I first got the service in Houston the HD quality for the local stations is not as good as Directv though. Since then they have upped the bitrate to the house and it is no longer true that the HD is worse than what I had with Directv. I had U-verse installed primarily for the SD cable channels. I use my OTA receiver and DVRs for local networks because there is not any cable or satellite sources that match the picture quality of OTA. The cable HD channels like ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery, etc are much better and rival TWC, imo.

But on the plus side, the SD channels are far better than Directv and would expect it to be better than TWC on HDTVs also, although each cable system can vary in their quality. I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the quality of the SD channels.

Different U-verse systems will have different results with the reliability of up time. Some systems have been very stable with very few outages and others have reported frequent outages. My location has been, so far, as reliable as my Directv service. With satellite you get rain fade, with U-verse you get U-fade. It seems to coincide with the U-verse trucks here.

IPTV vs Cable or Satellite
IPTV is fundamentally different than the satellite or cable based systems though. No matter how much infrastructure satellite or cable systems add there is always a limit to the channels they can provide due to their bandwidth limitations. The reason is they have to deliver every channel to your STB all of the time. Once every transponder or channel is in use, they are done as far as additional channels are concerned.

IPTV on the other hand operate on video streams. The limit for the number of channels is gone as any STB can ask for any channel to be delivered. The only bandwidth required is what is required for that particular stream. Each TV in the house could require another stream which add up on the bandwidth requirements, but even with 6 STBs the bandwidth required is equivalent to 6 channels, not the 70 channels worth required by satellite to service the same 6 TVs. In fact satellite obviously requires much more than 70 channels worth of bandwidth, but I just used the 70 channels as an illustration.

So in the future, IPTV will be the way to go allowing cable companies much better service coverage without having to increase the infrastructure they have installed now. It is possible that all cable companies will eventually transition to IPTV. Satellite not so much although their video on demand is similar in operation.

This is bleeding edge tech with U-verse and FIOS forging the way, but is probably the future in TV distribution.

The Equipment
The equipment consists of a balun they put in your service box to change from the two wires coming in for your CO line to RG6 coax cable.

The coax cable is then run to the Residential Gateway (or RG) which is a modem, video server, switch and router all rolled up into a single package . The RG supplies a hardwired internet connection for your computer as well as wireless internet. There are a total of 4 ports for connection to Ethernet devices, some of which can be receivers.

There are two methods for connecting the receivers to the system. Probably the most common is to use the RG6 coax connection on the modem. This allows the existing coax to be used in the house that was used for cable or satellite TV. They go around and change out the splitters and reconnect at multi switches as required. I had run all new coax to each remote location, so the installer didn't have to do anything but hook them up.

The RG6 comes out of the RG into a special diplexer that also has a connection for the service coax and a connection for the remote receivers.

From the receiver connection a splitter is used to feed the other two (in my case) remote mounted receivers. He ran an Ethernet cat5 cable between the modem and the receiver that was in the same room as the RG.

Continued next post...

rbinck 04-10-2009 12:39 PM

Re: AT&T U-verse

The Service
As far as the service goes, you can get up to four video streams and two, yes just two, can be HD. This means the realistic limit for the quantity of TVs watching different programs is 4 with only two of them being HD, again any of the HD programs can be watched on all TVs. They are working on getting more HD streams and we have been told sometime next year... maybe. Also the DVR can record up to the 4 streams as well, but again only two can be HD and if the DVR is recording all four streams, all the TVs can only watch any of the same HD programs that are being recorded. The reason why the 4 stream limit is unlike a cable service that sends every channel to your house, the IPTV service U-verse only sends the channel video stream that a box requests. That is why they are able to service TV over basically phone wires which have a lot less capacity than coax cable.

Again, there can only be two HD streams, so if you have three receivers only two of them can watch HD at any given time. If you are watching and recording a HD program in the living room, should you try to tune a third HD channel on another receiver it will warn you about the HD stream being in use. It will also give you the option of interrupting the other receiver, but on at least one occasion when I tried that it locked up the two receivers. This occurred when the system was first installed, but lately interrupting another TV has not been an issue.

I have recorded a HD program and the DVR unit interrupted another receiver that I had left on a HD channel without a problem. That receiver had an on screen message that it had been interrupted. I tuned the affected receiver to a SD channel and it switched as you would expect.

So it seems the best approach may be to put a receiver on a SD channel or turning it off so the HD stream will be available to other receivers without conflict.

From used with permission.

pp Overall I have been very pleased with the U-verse service and as you can see in post #1, they have a boatload of HD channels and adding more all of the time. They started with about 20 HD channels, now much more.

rbinck 04-11-2009 10:46 AM

U-verse Photos
U-verse Photos On Your HDTV
A new feature that has been added to the U-verse basket of capabilities is the ability to store your pictures online and display them on your TVs via the U-verse set top box. Basically the procedure is simple, you upload your photos to your account then call them up on your U-verse set top box. Simple that is once you have done it!

To get started you first need to get set up at and even if you already have joined flickr, you must join using your yahoo ID that matches the AT&T account. Itís the same one that you use for the remote DVR access. That is how the U-verse set top box knows where to look for your photos online.

To set up your flickr account it is very easy. Just go to and sign up using your AT&T Yahoo ID. Then to upload your photos use the Upload Photos and Videos link on the home page. The next steps to select the photos you want to upload should be pretty easy to follow. Note: Even though you can upload video clips to flickr, they will not play on the U-verse set top box. I donít know if there are any plans to add this feature in the future, but as of now they donít play.

While at the flickr site you can organize your photos in sets, which is like folders, to create different groups of photos for ease in selecting later. Each set will become a separate slide show.

To call up your photos on your TV go to channel 91 or alternately you can use the MENU > Interactive > Online Photos. Once the Online Photos page is shown then press OK as indicated to start the online photos. Be patient here as it may take a while for the Photo Sets menu to show up.

Then you select the photo set you wish to view and the first photo in that set will be displayed on your TV along with a menu for further selections that can be made from your remote. It is just that simple!

From used with permission

cableinthewoods 05-16-2011 04:52 PM

Re: AT&T U-verse
I'm looking for a current U-verse customer who could help me with an FAQ and help documentation. If you have a few minutes and you could help I'd greatly appreciate it - happy to pay for your time if that would justify your time spent. If interested, please contact me

michael b 06-29-2011 05:52 PM

Re: AT&T U-verse
I just switched to Uverse from Comcast because we recently moved. It seems that the HD is not as crisp and the colors seem to be off. I figured it could possibly be my tv but I just bought a new flat screen for the bedroom and it has the same problem. Is there a setting I can tweek? Or should I jump to satellite (not preferred)?

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