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JerryDelColliano 06-16-2008 06:56 PM

Talking with the CFO of DirecTV at the Denver Airport (DIA)
On my way back from seeing April Showers, I met another disgruntled traveler at the "red carpet" in front of my United check-in. While I was there on-time - there was NO crew to fly the flight back to LA AND there were VISABLE t-storms off in the distance.

Some guy taps me on the shoulder and says "how was your trip to Denver - I saw you on the flight coming our yesterday." I told him I actually made it to Omaha Nebraska and back and that I wanted to be home as it was a long 36 hours. He shared some of his travel stories and I asked him what he does. Turns out he is the COO of DirecTV thus is in charge of their WHOPPING 12,000 person call center. I told him about and my issues with DirecTV and how since the HR21 has a hard restart switch on the front - many of my issues are no longer an issue.

He was a very nice guy and gave some interesting insight into the inner-workings of the biggest provider of HD content. DirecTV is a BIG deal.

Are you having less trouble with your system with the new hardware? Post your comments here.

AudioFileZ 04-26-2009 01:22 AM

Re: Talking with the CFO of DirecTV at the Denver Airport (DIA)
If a company can afford 12,000 people just to answer the telephone they're either making too much money or they have too many people calling with complaints. I'm guessing the latter which amazes me that they aren't more concerned with the elimination of troubles, retaining customers, and in general raising the quality and value of the service.

Example: I purchased two 2nd gen Zenith HD directv receivers at the discounted price of $700 each. There were a small handful of HD channels originally available when I first got these and in reality they were not worth the investment. In about a year I felt better about it because all of the national network flagship stations began to broadcast on Direct in HD and since I was cleared to get these in SD I also received them in HD. Nevermind the terrible glitches which plagued the very "half-baked" Zenith receivers which regularly made me have to "reset" them by pulling them out of the a/v cabinet and disconnect the power cord from an almost impossible to reach location! Things, I thought were getting better! I got the HD channels for about a year or so and then I lost the CBS and shortly thereafter the rest. I still got the national flagship feeds in SD and when I called the clueless Directv people had a technician to come to my home to see what was wrong. The guy said nothing was wrong, but he'd heard of something whereby the HD feeds were somehow considered separate of the SD feeds and would likely require me to get all new release letters from the same so called local affliates (over 50 miles away) that had given me the original letters of release. I told him I had to jump through hoops to get those original letters and that I would bet my retirement that I'd never get them again. He laughed.

When I called Directv back regarding it they let me talk to a "specialist" who would not budge and allow my original letters to cover the same networks in HD. Things got worse soon Directv told me I'd lose my SD national feeds too due to Congress protecting me from myself (I put that last part in). I was forced to either not get networks or go with the locals in both SD/HD. This plain sucked. Things got worse-r! I thought my situation was at least to the point to where I could get network HD, but NOOOO! All of the local networks were in MPEG4 and my $700 receivers would not receive anything but MPEG2. Directv wouldn't even give me two replacements for free and I was a seven year client at this point. I had to agree to two years of service and pay for the HD receiver and get a couple of months credit to offset my costs. This was more suckee. AT&T will be coming into my area with a total fiber optic solution soon and I for one say bring it on.

rbinck 04-26-2009 07:53 AM

Re: Talking with the CFO of DirecTV at the Denver Airport (DIA)
You are not alone, AudioFileZ. I use my Zenith HD-SAT520 as an OTA receiver. It is a good one for that, but that's all any more. I went with U-verse due to the cost of all new equipment.

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