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Fabric walls. Good or too expensive?
What is your opinon of using fabric walls to control the acoustics of a room?

misterq 06-07-2007 06:05 AM

Re: Fabric walls. Good or too expensive?
Both, good and expensive, and only good for dedicated rooms.

deacongreg 06-21-2007 12:15 PM

Re: Fabric walls. Good or too expensive?
Its been said, the better the equipment, the more the deficiences of the listening room are exposed. I have not had much experience with Fabric walls, while at HE 2007, I visited Rives Audio. And their solution to Room Acoustics seems pretty sound.

They have three levels of service for listening rooms, as well as options for recording and/ or rehearsal studios. Based on sonic benefit, aesthetics, and budget. And of course, they realize that integrating room tuning devices with the decor is a priority. Because not everyone can, or wants to have a room solely dedicated for a music system.
I would give this route a try.

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