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JerryDelColliano 06-07-2008 05:06 PM

How dead is "too dead" in your room?
I have been discussing this question recently.

Too "live" in a room and sound terrible but too "dead" can be just as bad if not worse.

In your room - do you lean towards the live or dead side? How would you deal with it in a perfect world? Acoustical treatments, new gear, carpets, rebuild the room, use digital EQ or room correction?

Tell us how you might fix your system?

Bob Hodas 06-08-2008 06:03 PM

Re: How dead is "too dead" in your room?
Well, you know me, I like a well balanced room. First order reflections absorbed on ceiling and side walls and diffused on the back wall. Absorption only on those areas where the reflections hit. Area rugs and fabric couches help too. I hate those open architecture rooms with reverb coming back from the kitchen for instance (not good for light control either). I also hate walking into a dead room where I can hear my voice coming out of my chest. Many HT installers like to put up 1" or 2" absorption all over the room. They suck out all the high frequencies and leave the low end to just roll around uncontrolled.

JerryDelColliano 06-08-2008 08:04 PM

Re: How dead is "too dead" in your room?
I like the effect we got in my room with the RPG BAD panels.

PS: bought a whole case of Walter Hansell 2006 Chard. Awesome. At $29 a bottle - its a little expensive to be the house wine but WHAT THE HELL...


JerryDelColliano 06-16-2008 07:23 PM

Re: How dead is "too dead" in your room?
Did some more tastings in Napa this past weekend.

HDV chard - $55 per bottle. Screw France and their white burgundies! California makes the best wine. Period.

See if you can order some over the Internet.

Bob Hodas 06-28-2008 09:02 AM

Re: How dead is "too dead" in your room?
I was in Calistoga last weekend. Smokey up there! HDV was appointment only so we couldn't get in on that but went to Rombauer again and then Sbragia Family in Geyersville. Sbragia has a really good 2006 Home Ranch Chard for only $26. More citrusy French style than his past wines but he is doing a Napa Gamble Vineyards this fall (fatter, oakyer ((is that a word?)) ). Should be killer. He is one of my small winery faves. The 2006 HR Chard just got better and better as it got more air in the glass.

I'm going to France on Monday. I happen to think certain white burgundy's are the bomb and competitively priced against some high end Napa's (or at least they were last year before the $ crashed). You have to pick them though. like anything else I guess. Anyway, I'm going for a factory tour at Focal. They will have me listening to some new models in their professional division (studio monitors). The real bonus for me is listening to the new Grand Utopias which will be introduced to the French press the day I am there. They have some new woofer technology that is supposed to be something special. I can't wait to hear those things.

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