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Default Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Audyssey Laboratories announces its latest technology, Dynamic Volume. Audyssey Dynamic Volume is a volume leveling technology that frees listeners from the disruptive changes in volume levels while watching movies, and when broadcast material changes between television shows and commercials.

"It is simply annoying to watch movies or television broadcasts and have to continuously change the volume level. This does not happen in movie theaters so why should it happen at home?" says Chris Kyriakakis, Chief Technology Officer of Audyssey, "Now, with Dynamic Volume, consumers can set their system to their desired volume once, instead of constantly reaching for their remote."

Dynamic Volume is the result of years of research under the direction of Audyssey Chief Science Officer Tomlinson Holman. Audyssey researchers conducted an extensive study of the volume adjustment patterns of a wide variety of participants, from consumers to professional mixing engineers, listening in spaces ranging from typical living rooms to calibrated home theaters. The vast amount of data collected makes this research effort one of the most in-depth studies of its kind.

Based on this research, Audyssey engineers created Dynamic Volume by developing advanced audio signal processing technology that operates in both time and frequency domains. The spectral content in individual channels is continuously monitored in order to maintain constant volume for stereo and surround sound. Audyssey Dynamic EQ loudness compensation technology is also integrated to make sure the correct frequency response and surround impression is maintained, compensating for the human ear's lower sensitivity to bass, treble and surround sounds as volume levels decrease.

The result is a comfortable, predictable level of volume, producing clear dialogue while maintaining the full dynamics as they were intended. Dynamic Volume also efficiently monitors rapid and gradual dynamic variations in volume levels, thereby preventing artifacts commonly produced by traditional compressor methods.

"Audyssey Dynamic Volume will be the first technology to provide a true hands-free listening experience," says Michael Solomon, CEO of Audyssey, "We expect to see Dynamic Volume in consumer products released throughout 2008 and beyond." is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

This should do very well. I know on my Cablevision system here in New York, there is a dramatic change in volume, when going from the program you are watching, to the commercial. I`m excited to see a demo of how it works.
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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't some receivers already have "volume leveling" as a feature? Is Audessey's "version" better?
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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Have any of you guys seen the new Neptune Audio product? Its a $3,500 home theater EQ with 7.1 channels of EQ and is supposed to rival the performance of Aydessey and others found in receivers.

This is more of an after market solution than the in-receiver deal.

Its brand new. What do you think? I know Wisdom Audio will have an Audessey one coming under their Wisdom brand sooner than later. It can be used a'la carte but is more designed to be used with Wisdom speakers. This is for any speaker system.
Jerry Del Colliano
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Cool Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

I heard Audyssey was very inconsistent and muddled the sound, which is why Classé decided not to incorporate it in the new Pre/Pro Classé SSP-800! Any comments!
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Default Re: Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

I for one skip the commercials so it's not a huge deal (I have had a ReplayTV or HD DVD for over eight years now and am so spoiled I hate watching live TV) though I must admit, the new Michelin commercial were the Michelin man picks up his little Michelin dog is really cute!!
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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