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deacongreg 08-29-2007 04:16 PM

Remotes, can live it seems without them!! There are all sizes and shapes, buttons, menus to be activated, etc. etc. However, my issue is this, it seems very obvious to me, and even my non - audiophile friends, that ALL remote controls should include, or have back lighting. Its necessary, convenient, would make controlling your system, whether two or multi - channel, much easier to operate and use. Being user friendly, is key in this day and time. So why is back lighting not standard across the board for all manufacturers?

Thoughts and comments?

Robinson_A 08-29-2007 06:25 PM

If there is one thing I CAN NOT stand it's when companies roll out product after product with sub standard remotes. At the end of the day, the remote is the one aspect of the product we're going to spend the most time with so wouldn't logic state that it be better than a paper weight? All to often remotes seem like an after thought, or worse, their designed completely in the computer then put into production never touching human hands. Seriously, there are remotes out there that defy logic not to mention common sense. I've encountered some remotes where their only purpose seems to be damaging their surroundings for they weight as much as a small dog.

Manufacterers, if you're not going to stop making horrible remotes at the very least please light them up. Or maybe you don't include back lighting so that consumers never get a chance to see how stupid of a design the remote really is.


Clearly, I super critical about remotes.

kennyt 08-29-2007 07:48 PM

I agree with you both, though I am now of the belief most people should have a good universal remote. I personally prefer the Harmony's, so my actual remotes often are untouched.

I do find it ironic that the more a piece of gear costs, the worse the remote is, and while it shows a committment to quality, I must agree with you Andrew, I have some remotes I fear would break a glass table! What are the designers thinking?????

I am waiting for the universal remote world to add RF receivers with RS 232 control. I know Universal has come out with one lately, I am hoping Harmony makes such a device soon. I think this will bring these 'lessor' remotes (compared to the likes of AMX Crestron, Control4...) to a level where they can really compete. Hopefully some of the newer meshed networking systems can also be integrated into these allowing you to easily convert a previously built home to include automation without wiring the whole home......

I'll be hunting CEDIA for just such devices.... I have seen some promising advances in this field, but fear we are still a little ways away.

TheMoose 08-30-2007 12:23 AM

Where to start on remotes!
Why does every TV manufacture feel the need to make their remotes "universal"?
They added a switch so it can run a TV, DVD player, cable box etc but they won't even put in dedicated buttons for inputs, instead you have to cycle thru all of them to get where you want to be.

For crying out loud, just make the remote control what ever it comes with & do it right instead of trying to control everything half assed!
Really, I don't need 12 DVD control buttons in the middle of my TV remote!
I don't need a damn button that if it gets bumped my remote thinks it's now controlling a piece of equipment I don't even own because I didn't program in anything else to my TV remote & now I have to figure out why it won't change channels!

I use none of my factory remotes except the one for my Playstation 3 because it's bluetooth everything else is run with my Harmony 880.

Ok what was this thread about again?
Oh yea back lighting.
Well for me back lighting is only important when the remote is new, after a while I don't even need to look at it anymore I just go by touch.
Which is a good thing because the 880's back lighting is kinda weak!

deacongreg 08-30-2007 01:45 PM

Well, it is obvious we all have issues with remotes. I agree with all of your concerns and issues. Moose, you had me laughing about all the DVD buttons on the remote.

But, what got me was, I agree also with Andrew that the remote most definitely seems to be an after thought. And with home theater and all it entails, you need a simple, easy to use and remote control, yes, with back lighting. Or, just don`t make one.

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