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Universal Remote Control Introduces the MX-450
Universal Remote Control®, Inc. (URC) introduces the Complete Control MX-450, an attractive new home theater remote with a vivid color LCD screen that custom installers can program and set up in minutes without a PC or internet connection. URC’s exclusive, revolutionary MacroEdit£ firmware enables full macro editing on the MX-450’s screen.

“Many installers do not have laptops with them on the job site,” said Jon Sienkiewicz, director of marketing for URC. “In order to expedite some smaller projects, they often utilize remotes that program ‘standalone,’ meaning they don’t require a PC—but installers often get frustrated trying to program macros on them. The MX-450 enables installers to program and, more importantly, edit macros right on its beautiful screen. It’s the best of all worlds for an entry-level or secondary-room home theater installation.”

Macro programming, which delivers a specific sequence of commands to a variety of components, is usually irksome on standalone remotes, which don’t provide instant feedback. Installers always have faced the challenging task of programming macros on such devices without being able to modify their work on the fly. If one step is wrong in the macro (for example, if a delay is too short), the entire macro must be deleted and completely re-programmed. With the MX-450’s MacroEdit on-screen setup, the installer can see the macro steps clearly displayed on the remote’s screen, and can fine-tune, re-order, adjust delays and add steps to macros without deleting his or her previous work.

The MX-450 can be set up and installed more rapidly than any other standalone programmed remote. There is no programming manual for the MX-450; all the information installers need is available on-screen in the form of programming tips and step-by-step instructions that simplify the setup process. Experienced installers can bypass the tips and instructions completely for even faster setup.

The MX-450’s virtues go far beyond installer convenience. A dazzling, stylish entry-level remote control offering that is a compelling addition to any custom dealer’s arsenal, the MX-450 provides a cutting-edge form factor, extraordinary functionality and a beautiful two-inch color LCD display (176 x 220 pixels) that delivers bright, engaging color graphics for all home theater activities. Labels for every button are customizable, and channel logos are available for up to 48 of the client’s favorite TV channels. The MX-450 features LED backlighting of its LCD screen and all buttons, making it easy to read every button even in complete darkness.

The MX-450 is the new base model in URC’s growing color lineup of Complete Control professional remotes, which also includes another new models introduced at CEDIA—the MX-880—as well as the existing MX-3000, MX-980 and MX-810 models. “Because of GPS, cell phones and MP3 players, consumers now expect vibrant color screens on all handheld electronics,” said Sienkiewicz. “Our professional remotes are following suit, giving our dealers yet another attractive selling point.”

The MX-450, which can control up to 18 devices, requires four AA batteries; to extend battery life, URC’s unique PowerSaver£ circuitry enables the color LCD screen to operate at maximum efficiency. The MX-450 can serve as an infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) remote; a URC RF Base Station is required for RF function.

The MX-450 is now available for an MSRP of $249.

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