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filmfan 03-22-2008 09:40 PM

4 control
Has anyone had any experience with the 4 control products? I was looking at some of the universal remote control products but the sales guy steered me towards this product.

JerryDelColliano 03-30-2008 10:12 AM

Re: 4 control
I know a dealer in Florida - Good Sound Home Theater - that likes Control 4.

Crestron is the industry leader. I have owned both AMX and Crestron and prefer Crestron between the two but will say its ALL about programing. There is no reason why someone shouldn't e able to make any of the three brands work MIRACLES in terms of system control.

I will say this: GO SEE THIS GUYS PROGRAMING somewhere. Look at his GUI. Test the system? Is it bullet proof? Does the GUI look good and make sense to you? If not - look to someone else.

NOT all integrators are created equal and where the rubber hits the road is with their remote programing.

deacongreg 03-31-2008 04:11 PM

Re: 4 control
It is interesting that you mention the remote programming. Because in all these companies ads, they claim that their remotes are very easy to use and operate. That even the wife and children, supposedly can use them.

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