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Default Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver

Marantz America has announced that it has begun shipping its highly anticipated Model SR8002 audio/video receiver, offering users an elegant and easy-to-use solution for enjoying dynamic surround sound and multi-room signal distribution. The new 7.1-channel receiver, which carries a suggested retail price of $2,099.99, features advanced HDMI 1.3 repeating capability, as well as a host of leading-edge technologies such as HD Radio, THX® Select2 processing, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and dts HD Master Audio as well as MultEQ™ room correction and calibration technology from Audyssey Laboratories.

A Superior Solution for Upgrading Audio and Video Performance:
Designed as a state-of-the-art "nerve center" for a high-performance home entertainment system, the Marantz SR002 receiver reflects the company’s commitment to providing superior audio and video performance from all sources and provides users with an easy way to distribute audio and video entertainment to multiple separate zones within the home. In addition to featuring Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio decoding capabilities, the SR8002 also features terrestrial HD Radio as well as XM HD, THX Neural Surround, 3 zones of audio, a copper chassis and a toroidal power transformer, and upgraded speaker binding posts (dielectric protected) for enhanced audio performance.

Adding to the SR8002's flexibility and utility as a centerpiece device for a total home entertainment system is its capability of receiving HD Radio signals. Currently sweeping the country, HD Radio broadcasts are available to over 80 percent of the U.S. population and more than 1,500 AM/FM stations now offer subscription-free digital content, including more than 700 multicast stations that provide unique formats and content. The SR8002 allows customers to experience crystal-clear digital sound in HD on both AM and FM, as well as the new broadcast-exclusive HD2 and HD3 FM channels.

In addition to its four HDMI 1.3 inputs and two HDMI 1.3 outputs, for total ease of set-up and enhanced performance, the SR8002 features HDMI 1.3a repeating capability, eliminating signal loss and allowing it to repeat 1080p video signals from HDMI input to HDMI output as well as decode a variety of audio signals via HDMI. Notably, the SR8002 is capable of upconverting Composite, S video and Component Video signals to HDMI, features a 480i / 480p converter, with time-based correction, has assignable dual component outputs as well as two DC trigger outputs. The SR8002's massive Toroidal Transformer provides 125 watts of power output for authoritative, effortless reproduction of movie soundtracks and music, and a special M-DAX (Dynamic Range Expander) adds dynamics to the enjoyment of music recorded in MP3 and other compressed formats.

The SR8002 also offers second and third zone audio output capability for individual sources, an IR flasher output, DC trigger output, an RS232 port, A/B switching, multi-speaker 'C' output, and discrete IR commands. It features a powerful, ergonomically designed learning backlit remote control and even includes a simple and intuitive remote designed specifically for the 2nd or 3rd zone.

Ideal for Custom Installation Use:
The SR8002 includes several features that make it ideal for use in custom installations. For instance, the receiver’s MRAC MultEQ™ room correction and calibration technology from Audyssey Laboratories, maximizes room acoustics for multiple listeners, creating an optimized 6-point soundfield and compensates for speaker and room placement to provide a "sweet spot" for every listener in the room. This gives professional installers an easy and fast way to analyze and calibrate optimum surround sound architecture for any size or shape room, including parameters for speaker level, phase, size and frequency response. A high-quality microphone is included to make the process fast and easy. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver

I just recently finished the review of the 8001, it's amazing! The only down side was the things missing some of the new formats that they put ALL of in the 8002!
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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Smile Re: Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver

Its truly amazing a great for Home Theater, the receivers coming out just seem to get better and better. If only the big boys that make preamp-processors, we all know who they are, would do the same.
But if you want all the latest technologies and connections, you better get one of these new hot receivers
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Default Re: Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver

On the two HDMI outputs, can these be simultaneously from seperate inputs? Meaning can I drive to rendering surfaces (different rooms TVs) with different content via switched HDMI?


How would one use the second HDMI out?

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Default Re: Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver


You can't do that one the 8001 and I don't believe you can on the 8002 either. As for use, you need to go into the setup menus to switch the HDMI output you are using.
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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Default Re: Marantz Begins Shipping the SR8002 A/V Receiver

Hi -

I've been waiting for the 'phantom' Onkyo TXNR905 to be available (are they in stock ANYWHERE?), but am now considering the 8002 instead. How does the video processing compare on these two? Should I even care? Or just let my Sony KDS60A3000 do all the processing?

The Marantz seems to avoid any network audio, which is a letdown.
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