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Receivers Ask your questions on AV receivers ranging from HDMI connectivity to calibration to setup to power ratings and beyond.

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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread


In addition to the receiver not outputting the digital signal in analog, it turns out to be problematic to get my computer to output both analog and digital versions of the signal at the same time. However, I exchanged some emails with tigeraudio2007 off-forum (apparently the incorrect info about the receiver originated from his contact at Onkyo), and he figured out a pretty good solution for a good price. Interestingly (and surprisingly), it sounds like almost no receivers support outputting digital inputs on their analog outputs, except for some very high-end ones.

So the solution is to split the SPDIF output from the computer with a Y-cable, feed one end to the digital input on the Onkyo, and the other end through this:

and then into the analog input of the receiver. Only $80 + a Y-cable.

Much thanks for tigeraudio2007.

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Question Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

Hello! I am looking to upgrade my receiver and I am looking at the following units:

Yamaha RXV 3800
Onkyo TX SR875
Denon 3808CI
Pioneer VSX 94txsi

I am currenly on my 3rd Yamaha receiver and have had NO problems over the years. I still like the idea of the front presence channels on the Yamaha, but have a large room and wonder if I could benefit from the THX post processing that the Onkyo and Pioneer offer. I am also intrigued by the Reon HQ processor in the Onkyo as I would be using the receiver as the main hub of my system.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

Originally Posted by Gary II View Post

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
I have the Denon & really like it, Check out this post for more info on the Denon AVR3080ci.
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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

First, I have to say I love everything about the Onkyo and believe that would be the way to go for you.

That said, Andrew had some very positive things to say about the Yamaha RX-V861 Receiver. You may want to check that out here...

Personally, I have had Pioneer receivers in the past and found their video processing to be a bit lacking. Too much information color and contrast is lost.

I would look at Onkyo ir Denon. Great audio quality and excellent video processing. My Onkyo upconverts component and composite video to HDMI output like a champ.
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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

The Denon receivers are MUCH IMPROVED with the graphical user interface. They also sound really good.

Andrew Robinson RAVED about the sound of the Yamaha surround fields - comparing them to his MUCH MORE expesnive Meridian which is what I use.

Onkyo has had good success with HDMI switching so far. My review staff seem to love them.

Two dark horses: Emotiva (the house brand for an OEM company that makes a lot of VERY high end preamps) and Outlaw. Both aren't really trick with the HDMI switching but they are deeply discounted and often offer upgrade paths.

Last sleeper is Sherwood who also is a big OEM brand. I think these receivers are VERY solid. Our music reviewers use them.

I hope this helps!!!!

Jerry Del Colliano
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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

I wouldn't be surprised if Outlaw hit us with something KILLER in '08 in regards to home theater preamps or receivers, they're due.

Emotiva is solid, and has a good look to boot. Again, they are a brand that doesn't stay quiet for long so I would expect some HDMI news out of them too soon.

Sherwood is ROCK SOLID. Love their gear.

Denon is a good reliable bet and are absolute work horses when it comes to features. I still use my 4806 receiver everyday and it's going on two years now. One of the first receivers to offer full HDMI switching and conversion and has worked flawlessly since day one.

Yamaha is also very very good. In terms of DSP they may be my favorite and they seem to have taken my advice to heart (at least that's what I'm telling myself) and have cleaned up their appearance as well. The very definition of giant killer.

Onkyo is probably my favorite out of the bunch right now, but I am waiting for the new Pioneer Elite receiver. I saw it at CEDIA and was floored with just how good this sucker is. I plan on buying it as soon as it hits the market and using it in my reference system. However, for a receiver it is pricey at somewhere near or around $7K. But make no mistake it's the real deal.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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