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froggie76 10-11-2007 12:46 PM

Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated
Under 1,000 700 to 800 is perfect
HDMI 3in 1 out

Will be used for primary home theater
Variety of music from country ,rock, reggae to Phantom of the opera and everything not mentioned in between

Have been studying Onkyo,HK,Denon and Marantz
With my findings so far I am leaning on the Marantz SR7100
Anyone have anything good to say or heartburn for Marantz or other recommendations with similar features ?

Thank you all Kindly

deacongreg 10-12-2007 02:52 PM

Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated
There are many other factors to consider here, as this recently has been the favorite question as of late. But, to help you out quickly, The Onkyo TX - RS805 has the number of inputs you want, plenty of power, reliable, I believe THX Certified, at your limit of $999.95. Also, check Andrew Robinson` review at for the Yamaha RX - V861 receiver. Great features, good power as well, but I believe one less HDMI input. But do read Andrew`s review, its excellent.

On a budget, I believe all of us here like the Onkyo TX - RS 605. Well reviewed just about with everyone, can`t go wrong here. Do go and listen if you can. Find a good dealer that will allow a trial period, so if you need to make a switch, you can.

froggie76 10-13-2007 12:08 PM

Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated
Deacongreg, thank you for your response. Per your advice I have been looking at the Onkyo 605 ,705,805 .I do like the 705,805 .You did not mention the 705 .Is the 705 in the same category as the 805 ?
I have been reading the Onkyo gear quality is working its way back up .The Marantz gear has also caught my eye .Have you or anyone else had an opportunity to hear these ,specifically the Marantz SR7001 .I like the price of the Onkyo but if the quality and craftsmanship are better I would gladly pay a little more .Or should I stick with the Onkyo??

kennyt 10-13-2007 02:57 PM

Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated

I have the Marantz 8001 receiver for review and it is an awesome unit. FWIW Marantz was showing the 8002 and 7002 @ CEDIA this year (no idea of release dates) these had HDMI 1.3. The 7001 is HDMI 1.2 so you can still send 5.1 PCM to it, but it doesn't do the newer audio formats on HD DVD and Blu-ray. I haven't heard the Onkyo but Andrew Robinson loved it.


April1p 10-17-2007 11:49 AM

Re: Replacing receiver ,ideas ,suggestions appreciated
I'm currently looking to replace my receiver too. I think I have decided on the Onkyo TX-SR875 7.1, but I did look at the 805 too. Both of them have received excellent reviews. The only downsides I could find were they both way a ton and they both run pretty hot. J&R has the best prices on both that I found so far, the 875 for $1,299.99 and the 805 for $899.00. The only thing is they are temporarily out of stock on the 875 at this time and everywhere else is quite a bit more. Crutchfield has the 875 listed at $1,599.99 and Amazon has it for $1,539.98. Three hundred dollar difference is little too much for me, but I'm getting impatient.

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