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jordesign 01-10-2013 09:07 AM

Can Zone 2 be used while watching a 5.1 program?
I have a Rotel receiver (rsx1058) and had a typical 5.1 set up until last week... I just added a separate amplifier for my front mains via line-out.... With this receiver I am able to redirect the vacated front main speaker outputs to Zone 2. (Zone 2 is my backyard speakers)... I set this up this past weekend and if I am watching a Dolby Digital show (such as an NFL game), the zone 2 speakers just output the normal front L/R channel sounds... No dialog is heard since there is no center channel outdoors. Is this a limitation I just need to deal with, or is there a workaround to get a "downsampled" two channel signal to a second zone? This may be a very model specific question, not sure how universal these setups are....

For the record, zone 2 has been connected to a separate amp, which worked fine, but line level Zone 2 is limited to analog sources only. For this reason I was exited to use the front mains as zone 2 to alleviate that limitation...

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