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airman23 07-31-2011 01:31 PM

Yamaha RX-A1000 or RX-A2000
Hello all. I'm trying to decide on which reciever to buy. I've been looking at both models and trying to decide which one to choose. Newegg has a sale on the A1000 for $685.00 shipped. Apart from the A2000 having a but more wattage per channel and an extra zone for speakers and 12volt triggers which I would not use anyway what is the compelling augument for getting the A2000 over the A1000. I'm driving a pair of NHT SuperZero's as my front speaker right now but I hope to upgrade to maybe a pair of B&W 685's or perhaps CM1's later on. Are the Burr Brown D/A converters in the A2000 better than the A1000? Is the ultra low jitter in the A2000 significantly better than the ultra A1000? And will it be apparent in audio quality? Is the video processor in the A2000, the HQV 1900 the most compelling augument in favor of the A2000? and will it make all my SD media look significantly better. I know that both the A1000 and 2000 will upconvert SD to near HD resolution but does the A2000 do it noticebly better? Better enought to spend the extra money. I have a lot of old laser video disc and even some older VHS tapes that I still like to watch. Would this HQV 1900 really help in HD video processing and upconversion? My display is a SONY KDS-A3000 LCoS RPTV with HDMI v 1.3a. Please help me decide this issue. The reciever that I buy is the one that I'm going to have to live with for the next 3 years or so. Please help me make this important decision. Your prompt replies will be appreciated.


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