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luckydog 01-12-2010 04:41 PM

BOSE 901 hokup
Hello. I have a Sony STR-DE685 receiver with JBL surround, sub and ctr speakers and I inherited a new pair of Bose 901s (w/ assoc equalizer) that I would also like to use as front speakers. As per the owner's manual, the equalizer is to be hooked up to my TAPE in/out jacks and I turn the equalizer on using the TAPE MONITOR button. The problem is I have no such button (but I do have the TAPE in/out jacks). I called Sony and they are clueless as to why I have to do such a thing (and I am wondering if they are on to something). Iis there any way to make this configuration work? I also have an old Bose receiver that has all the right ins and outs and buttons, but the thing is almost older than me and I want to use my more up-to-date Sony surround system with all the digital "stuff". I have no PRE-AMP/MAIN AMP jacks to work with on either receiver. Can I hook the 2 receivers up to make this work, or should I buy a seperate amplifer, or get a new receiver.....???? I see other people with similar problems with 901s but I have not seen anything that would help me so far. Thanks for any advise.

rbinck 01-12-2010 08:26 PM

Re: BOSE 901 hokup
You do need the equalizer in for those to sound even halfway decent. My first reaction would be to get some speakers to use other that those, but I also know how hooked on Bose some people are.

I have a friend who will not give his 901s up and had his receiver modified to allow the use of them with the eq. Other than that if you don't have a tape monitor on the receiver, I don't know.

luckydog 01-13-2010 02:41 AM

Re: BOSE 901 hokup
Thank you for your response. I inherited the 901s and hated to waste their potential, but I might just keep them around until that day I get a new receiver. Thanks again.

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