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avhelpindeed 10-13-2009 10:03 PM


I need inputs on which of these receiver/cd players you prefer. I haven't been able to find any posts/articles which compare both. Which would you say is better quality? I was recommended NAD for its quality, but am not sure about Yamaha.

Main differences

1. video - Yamaha has a dvd player and an HDMI output for video at 1080p while the NAD just has a cd player
2. The Yamaha is 30W/channel, the NAD is 25W/channel.
3. FR (Frequency response) - goes down to 10 Hz for the Yamaha, but 20Hz for the NAD
4. The NAD is about 2 inches deeper

Yamaha -

Here are two more from TEAC that seem similar but haven't checked them out yet.

sherbyx 10-28-2009 02:12 PM

Re: NAD-C715 vs YAMAHA DRX-730BL
Hi, I will buy the NAD in a few days , i hope, i know both producers i use to work in a hi-end shop, and NAD is always the best pick value for the money, i like the sound of nad , yamaha sounds good also but they are makeing compromises at small series, i will give you a litle example: NAD C715, THD = 0,09%, YAMAHA THD= 10% wich means the YAMAHA will be imposible to listen :) The specifications from above (thd) are taken from your link`s, any kind of audio product with THD (total harmonic distorsion) > than 0,1% it`s a joke and the spekers are also wery important in this ecuation.
I will strongly recomand the NAD C715 or a little more expensive NAD L54
But, its beautiful what you like, always !!
Have a nice day

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