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Question Question about Using a Y cable on two surround backs

I technically have a 6.1 System, with two surrounds and one back coming out of a Levinson 502.

I would like to change the set up a bit and combine, using a Y cable the two BACK (not surround) outputs so I could use the 7.1 settings.

I like to see if it sounds better.

Could I cause damage to the amp? Or anything? That is two outputs are going into one input, but I would monitor the sound level.

(Note: I dont hear a huge difference between Dolby or DTS 5.1 and the HD signals. My dealer says you might hear a greater difference with a 7.1 setup. I am using a LPCM from my Pioneer Elite 09.
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Default Re: Question about Using a Y cable on two surround backs

Since in most all cases, 7.1 is really 6.1 where the rear surround channel is split into 2 channels I seriously doubt there would be an audible difference. That is unless the source is in fact a true 7.1 soundtrack which would then require a receiver capable of decoding said 7.1 channels.

What this means to you is, no I don't see where using a Y adapter to feed the rear surrounds would do anything to improve your sound. One speaker or two, it's still the same material...
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Default Re: Question about Using a Y cable on two surround backs

When you say two outputs into one input if you are talking about the two outputs being a preamp and the one input being an amplifier, you won't damage the amp or preamp, but you would create an impedance mismatch as well as if the two outputs were not in phase a volume reduction of those frequencies. I would not recommend it.

As Loves said, there is not really much, if any, 7.1 sources, so the 6.1 system you have will provide all of the unique sounds that exists in most sources. If you have a 7 channel amplifier, you could Y the surrounds for two additional speakers, but I doubt you would notice much difference unless you have a really deep room.
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