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Captron 11-11-2008 02:12 PM

System Problems
I have a system comprised of the following new equipment: Onkyo TX-NR905; Sony BDP 300s (Blu Ray); Furman Elite 15 Power Factor Linear Power Conditioner; Onkyo M282 amp for the line level out zone; Onkyo compact 6 disc DX-C390; Onkyo IPOD Dock (DSA2X) and a Pioneer 6010 FD (Kuro). The HDMI cables are all by AudioQuest. The speaker ensemble is as follows: Front speakers are three Definitive Technology Mythos Ten's and the rear are 9 inch round ceiling mounted Definitive Technology speakers (UIW94/A. The subwoofer is a Definitive Technology Supercube I. It was an awesome sounding and viewing pleasure according to all who have watched programs or listened to music.

Problem: The Onkyo receiver is no longer recognized when the Pioneer TV is powered up and the receiver does not recognize the Blu Ray player. Even when I can get a picture (By unplugging and replugging various cables) it is short lived before I get cable multi hued colors followed by a blank screen. The system would initially play music through the CD player. The system was installed in late August and "worked" until the week of October 20th. All HDMI cables are by AudioQuest.

I have had the Bresnan (cable) TV repairman out to analyze the cable box, but his equipment indicated that the cable box is working correctly. My upstairs Pioneer is a separate installation, and has not had any issues. I have had the system installer out to recheck the system installation and set up. Whereas he is able to move HDMI cables into other positions, and then return those cables to their original positions the fix is short lived. I cannot or have not been able view but one complete Blu Ray movie since installation and now cannot view either those or DVD's.
Any recommendations regarding how to proceed correctly? Any commentary would be beneficial, at least to me as a neophyte user who just wanted a complete working enjoyable system that would serve as a media room and basis for the home stereo music system.
Help Please.

rlpiii 11-11-2008 02:31 PM

Re: System Problems
Your receiver could have a bad HDMI board, corrupt firmware, or some other general failure. Have you swapped out receivers yet? Usually if items fail w/in 60 - 90 days of purchase, most sellers are good about replacing them w/o forcing you to go through the manufacturer. I had noticed similar problems on my pre/pro before the HDMI board completely failed.

Captron 11-11-2008 03:33 PM

Re: System Problems
Thank you very much. I will immediately call my installer in the hopes
that they will have a spare AV. Are Onkyo's more prone to these type of
failures than say an Integra DTR 8.8?

rlpiii 11-11-2008 04:51 PM

Re: System Problems
I think it is more HDMI board manufacturer specific than receiver brand specific.

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