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The Quadfather 10-28-2008 08:09 PM

Issue with Pioneer Quad 949A reciever
I recently picked up a minty condition Pioneer Quad 949A reciever. Apparently I can use the term minty condition only to it's physical shape. This is one beautiful unit. It actually functions perfectly on all channels, pots, etc.
My queston is just that when I press the power button I sometimes get it to fire up, and other times there is no power at all.
Then sometimes if I press the power button in and out 4 or 5 times, it will come on. Other times it will come just fine in one push.

What does this indicate? I want to say a short somewhere.... but it's not like I'm shaking the unit and when the short circuit makes connection it works. It just decides on it's own when it will work.

gem1201 06-16-2009 05:16 PM

Re: Issue with Pioneer Quad 949A reciever
I am familiar with that machine having sold it many years ago. The problem is in the power button. The spring inside isnt making a good contact. This can happen over time, just like button switches used in todays electronics. Toggle switches also can have a problem not making a clean contact also. This can be heard by a " popping sound" or the toggle switch not working at all in it on posistion. To solve the toggle switch problem buy yourself some Static free contact and control cleaner. Spay it through the front opening of that toggle switch and work it up and down until the problem is sloved. I personally would turn the power off disconnect it from its power source and remove the cover. If you have the wood panels on the side remove them first. With the cover off I would spray that cleaner on all the contacts even the inside of the power button which could solve that problem also. In any event it shouldn't cost you more than an hours time for an authorized repair man to fix your power button issue.


gregory29 10-22-2009 03:54 PM

Re: Issue with Pioneer Quad 949A reciever
I also have one of those 949s - must be from aound 1979.

I doubt this will help much with your problem but... mine did the same thing after using it more than 20 years; I would get so frustrated, but it was worth the frustration and effort. Finally I disconnected and stored it for about two years, replacing it with an even-older Fisher 504 that I had that still works.

About two years later, I set up the Pioneer 949 again and it worked fine, and has continued to without that problem for at least the last four years. I am thinking humidity or dust had something to do with it. It has great sound even today and I still have the now-yellowed owner's manual!

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