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HelpWanted 09-28-2008 09:12 PM

Need Help Bad Setting Up My System
Hi , Im new here in need of some serious help. Ok Im not here to brag or anything like it just looking to try and do it myself.

Ok with that said , I just had my house built, I had a professional company come in and run all my audio/video wiring, However with the economy the way it is they went Bankrupt leaving me a house of wires in my basement and in 1st floor closet and out ALOT of money.

Now i dont really want to spend more but I have to . I am willing to hire another company but I think Id rather try and take on this project myself.

I have some basic knowledge mostly as a teen with car audio and some basic home audio knowledge, However this knowledge is outdated with new technology.

Ok heres what I have , Roughly 30 Polk Audio in wall/cieling mount speakers throughout my house inside/outside. And 1 sub in family room in wall. With 6 in wall volume controls. And thats it.....

Now what id like to know is how to hook it all up , All the wires are going into the basement , The wires are some blue CAT 5 and some YellowCAT 5 not sure if there is a diffrence in colors?? or why yellow and Blue?

To try to make this a little easier on you and me , I would like if you could explain what i will need, And what each peice does , as well as post a link to each peice of equipment .

Now the explaination doesnt have to be detailed just a simple explaination , I will read about it and come back and ask any questions I may have , This will save anyone who can help with thier time.

Now I know this isnt going to be cheap , I dont mind ,Im willing to spend some money, I just want it right if i am going to do this .

Im kinda looking for a reciever Onyko, Marantz, Yamaha or something that is of very nice Qaulity Say in the 600-1000 range possibly more. I dont see the point in overkill say 3000 dollars for a reciever. Im not sure if the Rec would have to have HDMI outputs or not?? Since this isnt your average hook up.

Id like to be able to zone the audio say for outside , Family Room , Master bedroom, And maybe another area.

I also have 7 TVs that would need hooked up as well , Id like to get surround out of all of them.

Any other things i would need to know please fell free to comment.

Hey Thanks Guys for any type of help or links you can Provide

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