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clinthicum 07-13-2007 08:39 AM

Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)
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I'm a newbie when it comes to Integra equipment, so please excuse this potentially basic question. I've used Onkyo equipment for quite some time, just recently purchased my first Integra receiver for a custom install client of mine. Model 5.8

The TV that will be connected to the Integra home theater receiver is a Sony HD 720p tube, so it's not 1080p. I did not plan to use HDMI cables for the video signals. I typically use custom crimped Belden 7787a component video cables with Canare connectors for what I feel is one of the cleanest component video HD signals (at least for 720p/1080i).

Pic attached.

The only inputs to the reciever will be a Comcast DVR cable box and a DVD player. My plan was to not use HDMI switching and only use the component video switching capabilities of the Integra amp. Taking the component video output of the cable box and DVD player over to the amp and then just one bundled cable as the video output from the amp to the TV (that is located about 24 ft away).

Will the Integra on-screen menu system be broadcasted across the component video output ? OR do I have to use a std analog (yellow) video or S-Video cable to be able to use the on-screen TV menus?

Does anyone see any issues with the way I'm proposing to hook-up this stuff?
Are most in agreement that there's no need to run HDMI cables, if I'm not interested in the audio signal running to the TV (I'm pushing audio to B&W speakers only; not the TV internal speakers that will always be turned OFF).

Any tips or suggestions, etc. is appreciated.

Cheers !

Neil Peart 08-31-2007 11:42 AM

Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)
I have an integra receiver and it defaults to output the on-screen menus on whatever type of connection im using. If im on the video input where my HDMI is (PS3) and i hit the on-screen menu, it comes right up. Same goes for my component video Xbox 360.

The little onscreen menu on the window of my DTR 10.5 works pretty well too for the times I do have the wrong video output selected and need to go back and activate it without the on-screen menu.

Robinson_A 09-01-2007 10:12 PM

Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)
The on screen menu should work just fine via component cable. As for using component cable only I think you're being very smart. Since 1080p isn't a concern at this point and you don't want to pass audio and video together than there is no reason for HDMI. Send all signals native via component and either analog RCA or digital audio to the Integra and boom, hassle free home theater.

dcrook23 09-03-2007 01:48 PM

Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)

I own (DTR-10.5) and sell Onkyo/Integra components and you have made a great choice in A/V electronics quality. I too also make a lot of our cables using Belden / Beldon 23 gauge 5C and connect via component video to some really high-end monitors, mine is a 50" NEC plasma for now. As long as you can upgrade your cabling situation when the time comes, it sounds like you are very fine right now. OSD menus do come through the component out on the majority of the newer Integra receivers. It's a useful feature. Hope this helps.

clinthicum 09-04-2007 09:32 AM

Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)
My installation of the Integra went well. Menus work great, no problems. My only issue/challenge was with digital audio inputs. The Integra (Onkyo) 5.8 is limited by two (2) digital optical inputs [with one output]....My client had a total of three (3) sources that he wanted me to use digital optical inputs. 1) Comcast Motorola DVR Cable Box, 2) Sony DVD/SACD Player, and 3) Daewoo Region-Free DVD Player.

He doesn't use the later piece of the equipment (region-free dvd player) that much, so I just hooked that one up using traditional analog red/white/yellow cables instead.

Has anyone else come across this challenge?

Chris L.

kennyt 09-04-2007 09:44 AM

Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)
Why the insistance on optical??

I assume at least one of these sources must have a coaxial digital output that could be used right??

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