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Receivers Ask your questions on AV receivers ranging from HDMI connectivity to calibration to setup to power ratings and beyond.

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Default Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

Onkyo has introduced two affordably-priced A/V receivers that deliver a remarkable array of high end features for home theater and multichannel music reproduction. The 80 watt-per-channel TX-SR576 and 75 watt-per-channel TX-SR506 are the lowest priced receivers ever to include the company's Powered Zone 2 capability and front channel bi-amplification features, and are among the first receivers available anywhere to include Audyssey's new Dynamic EQ loudness correction technology. These receivers each include three HDMI inputs, Audyssey 2EQ automatic room correction, and also mark the company's first implementation of its new Music Optimizer software, which improves fidelity for MP3 and AAC encoded digital music sources.

The Onkyo TX-SR576 and TX-SR506 are the first receivers at these price points to include the company's dual-source Powered Zone 2 capability, which allows the receiver's rear surround amplifier channels to power stereo speakers in a second room while still listening to 5.1-channel sound in the main zone. The receiver is capable of processing separate multichannel and stereo sources simultaneously for the main and second zone, or processing a single source for both. There is also a Zone 2 pre-out that can be used in conjunction with a dedicated zone amplifier or receiver. Finally, for those with premium "biampable" loudspeakers, where the bass and midrange/treble drivers are each driven by separate amplifiers, the rear surround channels can be reconfigured for this more powerful operating mode.

Both receivers are well suited for use with high-definition displays and source components, including 1080p Blu-ray players, HD set-top boxes, and the latest generation of gaming consoles. The TX-SR576 features HDMI 1.2a with single-cable connectivity for audio and video functions, and additional decoding for Dolby Digital Plus high-resolution audio. The TX-SR506 includes HDMI pass-through, which has the ability to transmit 1080p video and Deep-Color™ data, but requires a separate connection for audio signals.

The Audyssey 2EQ automatic calibration system featured on the Onkyo TX-SR576 and TX-SR506 receivers employs an included calibration microphone to analyze the system's acoustical output at three positions in the listening area. The receiver sends test signals to each speaker in turn, then uses the inputs from the microphone to adjust channel level and time delay settings for each speaker. By taking readings in three different positions in the theater room, the receiver can be calibrated to the speakers and environment, delivering optimal response throughout the room rather than just at the 'sweet spot' directly in front of the screen.

Additionally, these receivers are among the first products ever to employ Audyssey's Dynamic EQ algorithm, which adds moment-by-moment refinement to the receiver's frequency response and surround levels in order to compensate for volume-dependent deteriorations in the listening experience, particularly at low volume levels. When used in combination with the Audyssey 2EQ system, this feature tailors the receiver's output to correct for room acoustics, listening position, and playback-level distortions, delivering an overall experience that is a much closer match to what the audio production engineers originally intended.

These are the first receivers to implement Onkyo's Music Optimizer technology, which improves the quality of compressed audio such as MP3 and AAC encoded digital music files. While these compressed audio formats sound quite acceptable over small headphones or PC speaker systems, when reproduced on a full-scale home theater system the loss of high-frequency information becomes much more apparent. The Music Optimizer employs sophisticated equalization and optimization algorithms to overcome these faults, and enhances the reproduction quality of digitally compressed music.

For sharp and accurate audio reproduction, both receivers employ 32-bit DSP processing and 192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters on all channels. Each includes 7.1-channel surround processing for Dolby Digital EX, Dolby ProLogic IIx, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, and DTS Neo:6. The receivers also include a user-selectable eight-setting subwoofer crossover adjustment for ideal integration of any subwoofer/satellite speaker system.

Both receivers are designed to take complete advantage of the company's RI (Remote Interactive) iPod dock/charger models. The receivers include preprogrammed RI-compatible remote controls, and are available in either black or silver finishes.

The Onkyo TX-SR576 and TX-SR506 will be available in April at suggested retail prices of $479 and $379 each, respectively. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

If these units do what they claim you can't beat this technology at these price levels.

This is good because lower prices for high quality entry level components will allow many more people to enjoy HT without taking a 2nd mortgage or robbing a bank.
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Default Re: Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

Has any one heard the Classe SSP-800?
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Thumbs up Re: Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

Once again, Onkyo continues to improve, expand, raise the bar, not rest on its laurels, whatever you want to say. I would have to say, and this might cause a brew ha ha, that Onkyo by far with its innovative features, continues to make buying a Home Theater receiver as the hub of your system a no brainer.
While we wait for the high end companies to catch up, Onkyo is right there, period. You must take your hat off to them.
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Default Re: Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

I was waiting for Onkyo to release the new line of receivers, since I am interested in these Audyssey features, but it looks like there still is no sign of Dolby Volume on any of them. Denon on the other hand is releasing their new line and additionally incorporating Audyssey Volume, which smooths out abrupt volume changes in some programming.

Onkyo better hurry up and release their next wave of new receivers (potentially the 706, 806, 876, and 906) or they'll lose potential buyers to Denon, who now has the latest desirable features.
If Onkyo uses the Reon-HQV on more of these models, that may give them the edge over the new Denon models.
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Talking Re: Onkyo Introduces Powerful Entry-Level AV Receivers

CES is just around the corner, I think a lot of new stuff is coming, I love electronics but more importantly music and good movies
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