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Default Yamaha Unveils New Line of Enhanced Receivers

Yamaha unveiled a new line of digital home theater receivers that further extend high end functionality, flexibility and intuitive operation at moderate price points. Integrated among the line of five models (RX-V863, 105Wx7, MSRP $999.95; RX-V663, 95Wx7, MRSP $549.95; RX-V563, 90Wx7, MSRP $449.95; RX-V463, 105Wx5, MSRP $349.95; and RX-V363, 100Wx5, MSRP $229.95) are features such as 1080p-compatible HDMI switching, wireless Bluetooth audio playback and iPod-compatibility (with optional accessories), XM and Sirius Satellite Radio compatibility, four system-configuring SCENE modes and improved CINEMA DSP Technology.

At the top of the new line, the RX-V863 and RX-V663 support the newest Blu-ray HD audio surround sound formats, such as the “lossy” Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio formats and “lossless” Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats. The RX-V863 enhances analog video and upscales 480i or 480p content to full HD (1080p) and has 1080p-compatible HDMI 1.3 with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output.

The other four units in the line also have 1080p-compatible HDMI with 2 HDMI inputs and one output. The RX-V663 digitally upconverts analog video to HDMI, and de-interlaces analog video from 480i to 480p, offering improved picture quality and a seamless single cable solution to a TV monitor.

All models include four SCENE mode buttons that turn on the entertainment system and automatically configure it for the enjoyment of TV, DVD, CD, radio and portable device content. All models, except for the RX-V363, implement an improved version of the company’s proprietary Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) technology, which automatically optimizes room acoustics via a parametric equalizer.

All five receivers are designed to allow users to enjoy audio from just about any audio source. HD Radio, featured in the RX-V863, allows users to connect to over 1,500 HD Radio stations currently on the air that offer CD-quality sound free-of-charge. Each model in the line allows users to listen to music stored on A2DP Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or laptop computers via an optional Yamaha Bluetooth wireless audio receiver (YBA-10). All units are also iPod-compatible via an optional Yamaha iPod dock. All the units in the line, except for the RX-V363, are XM, XM HD Surround and SIRIUS Satellite Radio-ready.

All models in the line feature Yamaha’s proprietary Compressed Music Enhancer technology, which restores the lost high and low frequency audio detail that occurs when music is being “compressed” as it is downloaded onto iPods or other portable audio players. The result is a more natural sounding listening experience that better recreates the original music performance when experienced through a home audio system.

Yamaha’s popular CINEMA DSP programs have been improved for even greater sound quality, bringing the source and sound field into closer harmony. The RX-V863 and RX-V663 offer 17 DSP modes, and the rest of the line has 8 DSP modes each, allowing users to finely customize their audio experience to their tastes. The RX-V863 and RX-V663 also feature Adaptive DSP Level to better deliver the full effect of the surround sound experience at lower volume levels.

The RX-V863 and RX-V663 feature Yamaha’s Digital ToP-ART concept which combines the latest and best technologies, parts and circuit designs, such as 7.1 channel Bi-Amping Assignability, custom-made block capacitors, high grade Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DACs and ADC, to maximize sound quality. Bi-Amping Assignability, also available in the RX-V563, enables the surround sound rear channels to provide separate low frequency and mid/high frequency allocation to the front channels, greatly enhancing the clarity and fullness of the audio signal.

The RX-V863 and RX-V663 are 7.2 channel receivers, offering dual subwoofer outputs for more powerful low frequency audio when experiencing movie soundtracks or music. With Zone 2 audio output, the RX-V863 and RX-V663 can immerse a single zone in full 7.2 surround sound or deliver 5.2 surround sound to a single zone while simultaneously delivering two-channel stereo sound from a second source to a second zone. Both receivers also provide multi-zone control, so users can simultaneously enjoy and adjust audio content in each zone without affecting the other.

The RX-V863 also offers Pure Direct mode that allows the audio signal to bypass all but the most basic audio circuitry to prevent extraneous noise interference, ensuring the purest possible high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Each new receiver offers Night Listening Enhancer and SILENT CINEMA modes. The Night Listening Enhancer includes a mode for Cinema and a mode for music, with three levels to ensure that a user won’t miss movie dialogue or quiet passages, especially when volume is turned down for late-night watching. The SILENT CINEMA option allows for private listening of music or movies with accurate surround sound simulation through ordinary headphones.

All models, except for the RX-V363, feature on-screen displays via connected TVs or monitors that allow users to easily navigate their entertainment experience, from finding a radio station or picking a song from any source (CD, iPod, XM or SIRIUS radio and HD Radio (RX-V863 only)), to monitoring all aspects of the audio system’s status.

All units ship with a preset remote control. is offline   Reply With Quote

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