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wen377 05-07-2012 01:42 AM

Let the life change the future
This is a passion that I have .I donít know how others feel about headphones here. However, if you want to get lost in the music, relax, have some peace and real enjoyment, forget about your daily activities, this is the way to go.
My first experience was in high school, after working in the summer, I bought a pair of Koss Pro 4AA headphones. They were quadrophonic can,. I loved them, but they were a little uncomfortable. Fast forward a few years. Maybe 2 weeks ago, a very nice gentleman walks in, with a pair of headphones. Thatís it!! Just going straight back and bought one. Well, great detail and clarity, wonderful bass, midrange with vocals clean and crisp, nice sound through out the headphones. Simply unbelievable. My introduction into high end headphone listening. Till this day, it remains, as you can tell, the best sound I have ever heard!!
This is it,it is the site I have bought this earphone,I love it very much,I think you will also love it.

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