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marcoangels 11-22-2008 11:43 AM

Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
I can get a great deal at Tiger Direct on a Samsung HL67A510 with a $300 stand included, for $1499...this tv uses the color wheel technology and I'm sure when it was new technology, it was the 'cat's pajamas'! Now, the 750 series uses LED lighting, so no bulbs to replace. Does anyone have a color wheel Samsung and would like to comment on the picture quality, because they are claiming the LED newer models are 40% brighter and you can view them from a wider angle. My 52 inch standard format 9 year old GE projection tv is adding green tint to both satellite feeds and DVD's, so I guess it's time for a new, larger one, but I can't afford anything over 2 K! Thanks for your responses.

rex 11-29-2008 07:19 PM

Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
I would highly recommend going with the HL67A750. It is really a no brainer. You never have to replace any lamps! The color wheel is a moving part which will also wear out and need to be replaced. The 750 has superior color fidelity, and once properly calibrated it will never have to be recalibrated since the colors don't degrade over time, as with lamp-based models. It also consumes less energy, makes less noise, etc. For more information see:;txt
I have had one for 6 months and I am extremely happy with it. It is a tremendous value for the price.

marcoangels 11-29-2008 09:36 PM

Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
Thanks for the response, Rex, I had done more research and came to the same conclusion. I really wanted the Sammi 67" 750 but CC offered the Mitsubishi 65" for a 'GRAND' less! I know the reviews on the Mits are either great or horrible, but we opted for the extended warranty and ended up with the Mit 65735, a 2 year extended warranty, a great Bello 73" stand and a decent Blu-Ray player, all for under 2 K and we couldn't buy the Sami for that price, here locally. So, I'll be' reviewing' the Mit in a few months and hoping I got a great deal. Thanks for your feedback.
In response to your 'calibration' statement, having read several posts on using 'THX' tests from 'Star Wars' DVD's, an Avia II' disc ,(what is that?) and forking out several hundreds of dollars to an expert, what is your opinion on the best / economical way to get the calibration right? I know Firedog will do it for a buck and a half, do you really think it's necessary with a new tv? Mine is still in the box and my satellite installers arrive in 2 days, so I'll be anxious to see how it looks 'out of the box'! The ones in the showroom were fine and they claim there were no adjustments made. Also, sitting side by side, the 73" Mit was significantly larger than the 67" Sammi, and I thought the pics were equally sharp and vibrant. And the cost diff was peanuts, would have got the 73" if the 65" wasn't priced so low!

rex 12-09-2008 03:26 PM

Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
So how is the Mitsubishi looking? Sounds like you got a great deal. Concerning calibration, it is definitely worth doing. You will notice a difference. Make sure you get somebody who knows what they are doing. You can not go by "ISF certified".

marcoangels 12-09-2008 06:51 PM

Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
Thanks Rex, the Mitsubishi is amazing, I haven't paid to have it calibrated yet, money is a bit short, but I've adjusted to where it looks really good and skin tones are great! Only time will tell how it holds up, guess I'll check out replacement lamps somewhere down the line. Only regret is I didn't get the 73", lol!

farazakan 11-01-2009 11:05 AM

Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting
Color wheel technology i had never heard of it thanks for the info. I have seen few movies on led tv, the result was too good. But how can it run of only on color wheel?????

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