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andytk5 01-13-2008 02:16 PM

Mitsubishi 833 series Question
I have recently purchased a Mitsu WD-65833 TV from SA. The TV has a great picture on most signals. My main complaint is that I see a grainy or static like effect. I have a samsung BDP1400 playing Bluray discs and I still see this grainy effect even with the 1080p signal. I have the HDMI going through the Denon 3808ci and thought this could be the problem, but I plugged it straight into the TV and it was the same. I noticed this on The Departed and 300 today, especially with a close up where you can see human skin. Also I notice blacks seem fuzzy or washout when there is a scene that is really dark.

I can still swap this TV out for another one or replace it all together. They had a sony 60" and a Samsung 6189s as well. I got this one because Sony was dropping Rear projection and the Sam led was not highly recomended. I need some help here fellas.

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