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TheMoose 12-19-2007 06:08 PM

Sony to drop RPTV? & Are reporting that Sony is dropping their RPTV's for LCD!

San Diego – Sony will exit the rear projection TV category to focus on flat-panel LCD TV after current inventories of its 3LCD- and SXRD-based products are exhausted, a company spokesman confirmed.

“We are moving our resources more toward LCD TV, because that’s what people really want,” a Sony spokesman said, confirming a published report.

This is surprising to me because for the last couple of years Sony's SXRD line in general & the XBR series in particular have been the best RPTV's in the market.

I'm glad I have my 70" XBR2 & by the time it's ready to be replaced I hope there will be LCD's & Plasmas that size for a reasonable price.

J.J. 12-20-2007 04:31 PM

Re: Sony to drop RPTV?
Yeh, if you're leading the pack why quit the race. Until they can make 70" LCD tv's that have the same picture quality or better and for the same price points they should keep the SXRD RPTVs. Sure everyone would rather have a flat panel, but not at the current cost.

JerryDelColliano 12-20-2007 07:21 PM

Re: Sony to drop RPTV?
If the volume is forced to LCDs - they get cheaper and likely make even more sense to produce.


tstar1234 12-21-2007 05:34 AM

Re: Sony to drop RPTV?
That makes no sense for the general buying public. Where else can you get a 50"HDTV for $1000? I have seen the 50" 3 LCD for $999. Of course maybe the profit margins are small which of then makes sense only if they can't make up for it in volume. The 50" Sony in what she calls the "Man room" has gotten a lotta of use in the last 3 years and will continue to as well. If they were a grand back when I bought it I might have bought two. lol

MoosePond 12-21-2007 07:40 AM

Re: Sony to drop RPTV?
Sure glad that I bought my 60" Grand Wega set earlier this year! Wonder if I should stock up on spare bulbs?

Must admit that I don't fully understand Sony's logic unless they simply weren't making any money on these sets (or not as much as on LCD) and it's the first time in my memory that a manufacturer has departed from a product category where they held such a top position. Perhaps they're even further along in their OLED project than we know? Be interesting to see what they're showing at CES next month.

PalmHarbor 12-21-2007 08:12 AM

Re: Sony to drop RPTV?
For Christmas I have a worked for Texas Instruments pushing the DLB rear projector
at Best Buy and people are most impressed by LCD/Plasma as the colors are brilliant
hot but of course not natural but its impressive so the pubic buys it. In the 2 months
I have been there no Toshiba's or Mitsubishi's were sold (Rear Projector)

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