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TracyRainH2o 10-26-2007 02:35 PM

Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?
Just wondering who bought it and what you upgraded from? I have a Sunfire Theater Grand III. I love the sound on the TG III but HDMI switching is a new consideration as well as the lack of enough 5.1 inputs for both me HD DVD and a Bluray player.

I didn't want to take a step backwards in audio and no one has them to demo. Thanks for your thoughts.

JerryDelColliano 10-26-2007 03:28 PM


Good to see you on the forum. Hopefully, we will see you a lot more in the future.

You sound like someone in need of a TGV from Sunfire.

You might also look to a Dtrovision HDMI switcher for your short-term video swithing needs. I find them to be the best and pretty affordable. Not sure how you can switch the 5.1 audio in the analog domanin if you need two sets of 5.1 ins. I bet Niles or someone like that makes what you need.

In the end - I would just sell the TGIII and buy a TGV.


kennyt 10-26-2007 03:57 PM

Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

I want to try one out as well! It is likely the most current pre/pro made. That said, I am not as optimistic it would outdo the Sunfire sonically....

The TGP-V only does 2:1 HDMI switching and doesn't have the multitude of new audio formats the DTC 9.8 does, if you really want to get the most out of your Blu-ray and HD DVD players, then the DTC 9.8 isn't a bad choice as you could run them via HDMI and reap the benefits of the new audio formats, if your players will handle them.

Jerry is right on about an HDMI switcher, they are easy to use and can be integrated into most universal remotes allowing them to function seamlessly with your system.

Neither processor will allow more than one multichannel input.

As an aside, the demand for this processor is so high they are sold out and backordered now, so if you really want one, it will be a while.

TracyRainH2o 10-26-2007 05:00 PM

Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?
Jerry and Kenny, thanks for your thoughts.

Jerry are you a big fan of the Sunfire TGV or a bit skeptical about the Integra? The Integra looks really good on paper. The fact that Onkyo is primarily a receiver company has me a bit worried. Also, the fact that the Sunfire only has two HDMI inputs is puzzling.

Kenny, I agree that the Integra seems to have it all. I thought you would have already bought one based on your response on the other Integra thread. I have read plenty of happy owner's praises of the Integra but most of those guys have upgraded from a receiver. My thinking is that the Integra will blow most receivers away in terms of sound quality. I too am wondering how it would hold up to a solid pre/pro like Sunfire, Lexicon, Anthem...

kennyt 10-26-2007 05:03 PM

Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?
I might see if I can pick one up tomorrow, if I do I'll review it for the mag.

TracyRainH2o 10-26-2007 05:27 PM

Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

Originally Posted by kennyt (Post 4978)
I might see if I can pick one up tomorrow, if I do I'll review it for the mag.

Cool. Way to "take one for the team". I would be very interested in reading your findings.

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