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offtheroad 01-14-2012 08:56 AM

Sound seems flat
Don't know if I'm in the correct area. I have a B&W Reference 200.2 S2 Power amp and a B&K Reference 5 S2 Preamp and a ROTEL RCD 971 CD player. Paradigm 100 speakers biwired. The kick is just not there.I have the speakers 8 inches from wall and 10 feet apart. There is a loudness button on preamp but makes everything mushey. There is also a tune up and tune down buttons on pre amp but can't hear them doing anything. I have a lot of hrd areas in my living room with hardwood floors (ugh) with as many carpets I can fit in but still about 15% floor area not covered.

rbinck 01-15-2012 05:44 PM

Re: Sound seems flat
The 100s I'm familiar with have very small (7") woofers, so I wouldn't expect much kick. They are meant to be used with the SUB10 or SUB12 subwoofers for the kick.

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